Possible (and very likely) scam site bit.ac - be careful!

in Telegram today

Some guy named Arfan Ahmedi (@Maspapang) with an avatar of a guy on a red quad asked:

“Is bit.ac scam too?”

A reply came from Crypto (@Crypto009) with a onecoin for his avatar, and he said:

“Myself have issues withdrawing, written to support more than 6 times, yet no reply”

Months ago, research was done by an anonymous group and sent by PM. Until any withdrawal problems appeared, none of it was published. It is now time to publish the following information.

The following information was a collaborative effort by a group of people who wish to remain anonymous.

We would like to share some research we found about the multicurrency wallet known as bit.ac

bit.ac was first registered 2014-05-11

The domain is registered to:

Philipp Schnabel
71-75 Shelton Street, London, UK WC2H 9JQ

April 2016, a news release went out:

In the news release it mentions the phone number 442037691556

You can see that he registered a company February 2016 in London, UK

Interesting points, at this point about Phillip Schnabel:

– He’s born Dec 1985 (He’s going to turn 32 at the end of this year)
– He holds a German Citizenship
– He’s doing business in the UK

So far nothing screams scam yet… but continue reading…

This same person

Registered this company too on May 2016:

OWY Exchange Ltd


Their website was owy.io

If you go there now, the OWY website is down.

Look here next:

Apparently OWY is determined to be a scam. They stopped paying, they took down the website, and abandoned their investors around August 2016

So same registered company, two different websites…

But then it gets worse again:

One of our group members decided at this point to do a password-recovery on nic.ac for the domain bit.ac

It says that an email has been sent to the contact email address:


Interesting. Do you know of any domain names that have a 4-letter ending, and the last letter is W?

We then took a look on eurodns, and did a search for “w”

We’re looking for a 4-letter domain extension that ends in “W”

There is only ONE domain extension that fits that category. It’s .SHOW

So now we can deduce that his email address is:

Now that’s strange. Why would the owner of bit.ac use an email address ending in .show ? That is an a non-standard strange email address to be using with a very uncommon domain extension.

We suppose if we paid $9 we could use this site:

To download the 4800 or so domain names ending in .SHOW and look for a match to find out what the d***c.show domain really is…

But we don’t know what that would tell us… and we don’t know how accurate that service is…

But then we look again, and now there’s another company:

New Age E-Consultants, registered just recently, Feb 2017

So far that is 3 companies he’s registered in the last couple of years.

So then you look at the mailing address they post on bit.ac

BitBase Limited
71-75 Shelton street, Covent Garden WC2H 9JQ
London, UK

That goes to this “Virtual Office” and “Virtual phone number provider” in the UK:


So his address, isn’t his office. He doesn’t display a phone number on bit.ac, he’s most likely has a virtual office address for mail, and a forwarded phone or voice mail in London that he uses even if he isn’t even in London.

He’s from Belgium, but doing business in London… under multiple names.

…His first website OWY Exchange went defunct… website went down.

…and you’re suppose to trust your private wallet keys for multiple currencies to this guy?

We think he registers multiple companies as Limited organizations, so in the event one of them gets sued, they sue the organization, and not Phillip himself.

If he was a legit company, he shouldn’t need so many different company names, so quickly.

Most of these company addresses are all different…

Then you look at coinomi.com, another multi currency wallet. Also pointing to that 71-75 Shelton address…

Here’s another report of a scam:

Quote from digen - March 6, 2017

I have exchanged 0.594181 bitcoins for Ethereum. It has passed 5 days but no ethereum came in my wallet. Support not replying to me

…then you can go into Bitcointalk and lookup posts about OWY Exchange and some other service by similar people called:

www.post-it-quickly.com (which is also dead now)

So at this point, we got this far in… and as you can see, it is plenty of research and spiders off in a lot of directions, with confusing and multiple company names.

The owner of bit.ac tries to hide his identity and other businesses through multiple company names. Sounds like a scam to our group, so we have asked ppcman to publish this information for us.

Do your own research. Our research and opinions are not guaranteed to be accurate. We have not personally been scammed by bit.ac, nor have we used bit.ac

If you see any errors or omissions in this information, please reply with corrections and evidence to prove them.

All attempts will be made to correct inaccurate information if found, if your reply is posted with factual information and references for proof that have been verified.


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не буду спорить с вышеизложенным… Я выводила и вводила в этот кошелёк разную валюту. Интерфейс понятный и удобный, но очень высокие пороги обмена одной валюты на другую и суммы вывода. К примеру, минимум для обмена ETH = 0,04… многовато, на мой взгляд.


I will not argue with the foregoing … I deduced and introduced into this wallet a different currency. The interface is understandable and convenient, but very high thresholds for exchanging one currency for another and the amount of withdrawal. For example, the minimum for the exchange ETH = 0.04 … a bit too much, in my opinion.

according data from zonefiles.io:

Domain Name: BIT.AC
Updated Date: 2017-06-10T23:42:56Z
Creation Date: 2014-05-11T12:23:07Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2018-08-10T00:30:02Z
Registrar: 101domain GRS Ltd

Website is hidden behind Cloudflare proxy

Domain: bit.ac
Registrar: Dynadot13 LLC
Registered On: 2018-10-24
Expires On: 2028-10-24
Updated On: 2020-03-04
Name Servers:

Info from domains-monitor.com