(Position Now Filled) HIRING: Professional Qt5 Developer for Wallet User Interface Redesign and Implementation

Edit: Position has now been filled, thanks!

We are looking to hire a developer or a group of developers to redesign and implement a cryptocurrency wallet user interface. The full wallet software can be found here: https://github.com/peercoin/peercoin/tree/develop.

We have a premade concept design, but certain aspects of it can and should be customized by the designer/developer. The interface will be used on Linux, OSX and Windows and will be open source, published on GitHub. We are looking for professional developers that can complete this task in a timely manner, and will pay a professional wage for a couple weeks of work.

If you are interested in taking this job, please contact @peerchemist here on the forum via PM (just click on his user name and click message) or direct message him at peercoin.chat.

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The redesign is unnecessary, (not obligatory). PPC need quickly implement of PeerAssets and v6.0

Why the rush?

if there’s a willing sponsor to pick up the cheque, why not make the best of it? why not make sexiest wallet ever?

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It is 2017. If we released v0.6 without a properly branded client, the market would slaughter us. So yes, I believe it is necessary. Luckily as Backpacker pointed out, we received a donation to help us with the cost and are actively searching for someone to do the work for us while the team focuses on more important matters.

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Position has been filled, thanks everyone! :slightly_smiling_face: