POS difficulty in POS calculator

sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but was trying to use the proof-of-stake calculator here:


and got stuck on what POS difficulty is and what i should enter/where i can find it out? if anyone can help, would be very grateful… thanks

I’ll give it a try: When minting with pos, your node tries to sign a block in such a way that it will be accepted by other nodes. The chance of success is based on the amount of coins in your wallet that are used for minting. When more people mint, more blocks will be signed. Because the target block speed is a set value (a couple of minutes), only one block in the entire network can be succesfully signed in that time.

If too many (or too few) blocks are succesfully signed, the difficulty will be adjusted, so that the block speed (and confirmation speed, and block reward speed) of the entire network is the right amount of minutes again.

thanks for that… although i am still unsure as to what value i should be entering into that field - that was my main issue - although it is good to know a bit of background as to what the value represents.

In the console window of ppcoin-qt you can get it with the command

or, if you have ppcoin-qt running, in a command prompt: ppcoind getdifficulty



incredible! that’s what i was after - thank you ever so much for helping!

thanks for helping with this tea, I added a note on the page to say where one can obtain the POS difficulty value