Port Insight API to peercoin, to help with Trezor support

I recently found out about Insight API, https://github.com/bitpay/insight-api
Maybe someone could help/try this out to make work with peercoin?

It would make Trezor support a step closer. https://blog.trezor.io/multi-currency-support-bitcoin-dash-and-zcash-in-trezor-wallet-7377d812112a

it looks like this https://insight.bitpay.com/

from trezor blog:

TREZOR Wallet utilizes Insight/Bitcore in order to grab information about cryptocurrency/blockchain. A functioning Insight is therefore the main requirement for integration of any coin into TREZOR Wallet.

(Bitcore has already been ported to ppc by hrobeers.)


I’m willing to donate for this.

This requires some modern bitcoin functions…

Note: You can use an existing Bitcoin data directory, 
however txindex, addressindex, timestampindex and spentindex 
needs to be set to true in bitcoin.conf, as well as a few other additional fields.

We need to sync with newer bitcoin code first.


I learned it doesnt just require the bitcore lib, but a full node running with bitcore-node

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Isn’t there a different way to have Peercoin supported on Trezor?
Here is the list of coins supported by BIP44, peercoin is already in there:

Wouldn’t just a webwallet connected to peercoin network supporting Key Import and Signing from trezor pluggin just work?

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