Pool mining confusion...idiot guide here

hello and welcome to the world of mining!

steps for beeeeeer pool and rpool

  1. go to http://www.mediafire.com/download/473rshiav08074t/primeminer_v08_rc1.zip and download primeminerv08
  2. unzip the file
  3. Now you should see 4 files in the folder, primeminer_32, primeminer_32_edit-me, primeminer_64, and primeminer_64_edit-me
  4. Since you didnt say what operating system you are using, I have to assume Windows. Click on start, control panel, system to see if you are using 32bit or 64bit Windows.
  5. Once you have that. Go back to the folder with the 4 files. Right click on the file primeminer_32_edit-me or primeminer_64_edit-me. Depending on what version Windows you have, and click edit.
  6. Now a Notepad window should have opened, primeminer_x32._edit-me (for this example). You will see parameters like -poolip= (this is beeeeer pool’s ip, enter this same number if you want to mine on beeeeer) -poolport=1337 (again, this is beeeer pool’s port) -pooluser=ENTER YOUR WALLET ADDRESS -poolpassword=PASSWORD (enter anything here, or just password) -genproclimit=ENTER THE NUMBER OF CORES YOUR PC HAS.
  7. Hit File and Save
  8. Double click that same file that you have just edited and you should begin mining. A black windows should have popped up.
    **the settings I used for this example is for beeeeer’s pool, for rpool, its essentailly the same except for the =poolip and -poolport

To mine on ypool, read the sticky on ypool. Sorry i have to run, hope this will get u started. happy mining =)

Edited: clarity and grammar

Thx so much for spending the time to reply - will try early am.

Using an old windows vista pc so will use the 32 -have laptops that are more recent but don’t want to use because required for work.



Once again thanks - the bit I hadn’t got was the right click and edit on the notepad file.

Your instructions were clear and concise - suitable for vegetables like me.


set topic sticky as good thread guide.

I might rewrite and make separate thread as i had this asked a few times and is only going to be asked again :slight_smile:


@FuzzyBear, thanks for the sticky!

@krystalwhite, I’ve edited the instructions. I was in such a hurry when i originally typed it. Hope you are already mining away! Just ask if you have questions, there are many people here that are willing and able to help :wink:

Thanks for this write-up, it’s also what got me started in no-time, very useful :slight_smile:

Very informative and easy to use, in no time I was pool mining.
Thank you.

Ok, maybe I’m still an idiot, so I followed the instructions and the black window popped up with a whole lot of 0.00 everywhere…

How do I monitor or check my mining stats? I don’t see a process running here in the background, how do I know it’s actually connected and mining?

If I have a GPU mining rig going is it safe to use all cores of my CPU for XPM mining or should I leave one to run everything else?

This was a great getting started post, I think I have things running correctly, however I was wondering if anyone had any explanation of the stats being spit out in the cmd prompt.

are those all my numbers, or are they group numbers? etc.

This is a fantastic writeup and I am surely going to donate, but I have one problem.

My Primecoin wallet will not continue to download the transaction blocks. It’s stuck at 19 weeks (102837 of 320406) I have 8 active connections, but it since stopped when I ran out of HDD space. I cleared up some space, but it won’t continue to update.

What can I do?

Just exit the wallet and restart it, it should start where it left off. If that doesnt work, uninstall and re-install the wallet. Hope it works out :wink:

Excellent, thank you.
was looking for just a basic how to, well done.