[POOL] [DICE] UMine ~ Dedicated PPC Pool with 0 FEE'S and dice profit share

Well after making a lot, losing a lot and learning a lot about crypto, I’m finally going to throw my hat down, and PPC is where I am going throw it.

PPC is probably one of the more stable currencies around and seems to have a vision and the people to implement it.

I’m a miner at heart and as such don’t like pool fee’s I’m also fluent in SSH, Linux etc so I have created my own dedicated PPC mining pool, and it has 0% Fee’s [Donations are always welcome of course]

Please feel free to hook up your miners there :slight_smile:

Dice game profit dividends to miners.

As well as running the pool, I am also running a PPC dice game here: http://coinkings.co

Now of course a working mine needs power and with PPC we need a lot of power so I will distribute 50% of the dice game profits to the top 5 miners on www.umine.co.uk

I will do this on a two week basis to start with, although I may amend the time scale depending on what happens.

Please note it will be the top 5 miners of a 14 day period NOT the day of payout.

The dice accounts will be transparent and published along with PART of the address of the top 5 payouts.

Its a pretty basic MPOS setup at the moment but I’m constantly changing things on there to benefit, me and you should you decide to mine there.

Pool URL : www.umine.co.uk

Format: PPLNS

Sign up is required, as I take security seriously.

Any comments/suggestions are very welcome.


For the dice profit share please note that we will start on -5PPC that I have added as a starting bank:

Always nice to see a miner / code put a ppc pool together, and nice touch with adding the bonus from dice game.

I hope the ppc miners out there show the new pool some support and a trusted pool can be added to the ever growing number :slight_smile:

If u pm me your pool address that coins will be mined to I can add it to the list of pools on chart.peercointalk.org do you have an api on the pool for stats etc?

Beat of luck finding them blocks!


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