[Poll] What is your opinion on this topic?

  • Good idea.
  • No, it changes the behavior too much.
  • I really don’t know.

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User friendly should not go before security of the network in the main full node client. Light clients can serve the user friendly aspect.

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Under the proposal, will coins is the savings wallet start minting automatically - in other words, putting them there is an instruction to mint?

I would prefer to keep minting by default. There will be other confusions defaulting to 2 wallets.

However, i do like the idea of making minting and non-minting wallets easy to create in the UI, possibly prompt at install time.

Can “minting by default” be explained? Does it mean minting starts as soon as the client is started (i.e. without a password) - or does it mean the whole wallet (by default) starts minting as soon as the password is entered? Or something else? Thanks.

It means both. The first is correct if the wallet is not encrypted and the second is correct if the wallet is encrypted.

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Thanks, I hadn’t realised that; the first thing I did was to encrypt my client, so I was unaware of how it behaved unencrypted.

Although there is no reason why unencrypted wallets should not continue to mint, we want a culture where everyone encrypts the client, so perhaps this scenario should not be on our conscious radar?

I think a choice between spending and minting wallets is attractive, at least at a superficial level, in that it helps the user manage his coins, and gives a feeling of control and organisation.

If the user puts 40% coins in the spending wallet, it means only 60% of coins will mint - but the existance of a minting/savings wallet, and the positive choice of choosing how many coins to put in it, may cause the user to think more actively about minting, which otherwise he or she might not do.

I’m not sure how this would relate to light wallets.

As much as I want to make it easier for users, I agree with Sandakersmann on this one. I think the core wallet should remain as is, while a sleeker, more modern light client is developed instead to address user friendliness.

We can call it ‘peerunity’.

Peerunity was a minting client. A light client I assume would be non-minting, more of a spending wallet.


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