I’ve listened to crypto currency podcasts for at least a year now and I have come to believe that they are perfect for putting out information. Things that I’m to lazy to read about, I can just listen to while doing the dishes, shopping or when I’m driving.

What I’m missing sorely is a Peercoin podcast.

But doing a podcast is a big job and I don’t think I’ve got time to do it myself.

However, maybe, just maybe if we pool our resources together, we could create not a continuous podcast, but like a small mini-series of interview with prominent people in the peer community. Besides interviews with people you would want to listen to, we could also decide on a set of topic to be discussed (such as dispelling myths etc).

People new to Peercoin could perhaps listen to these interviews when they have time, instead of reading and filtering through tons of information and disinformation.

Since Sunny is flying under the radar (the right move accordingly to me, for so many reasons) these interview could also be a way of “putting a human face” on the community.