Pledge to avoid using the term currency and money when explaining coin

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Let’s pretend we are meat salesmen. The crazy folk we are, we created a synthetic meat which is a close molecular match to beef. It was grown in a lab, the proteins match that of a cow but no cow was killed in the process. Additionally, we built in some extra stuff like vitamins (the ones that work), minerals, and other interesting food components I don’t understand.

We happen to live in India.

Though we designed this product to taste like beef, smell like beef, and chew like beef… Are we really going to sell it as beef considering where we live?

I don’t want no beef, I’m new and I’m just sayin’…

Let’s strategize a world which can be accepted globally to describe the Peercoin product.

I’m in. Given this statement in ‘Lifedies’ link:

“Bitcoin was a ‘virtual commodity’ that should not be referred to as a currency or virtual currency, the statement said, but added that the general public was allowed to continue trading on the internet”

I think it would be at least more politically correct to do so. Just being pragmatic and it would keep the Chinese aboard for now. After all Peercoin should be a global virtual commodity.

Pardon the intrusion,

But I am feeling very frustrated by the fact that there is absolutely no initiative to stop using the word currency to describe the “commodity”. Are we waiting for a different portion of the world to accept alt coins as currencies? Bitcoin is the only coin the global community will accept, but not forever. I think it is possible for alternative discussions to take place after at least one year, Until then, prime and peer sit on a shelf, storing potential, collecting hope, waiting for someone to change the language on the box. At least in China.

Here, where it looks like we have a lot of people from all around the world who have great English skills, I don’t see enough people from where the market is. Are we waiting for to create rules and regulation concerning the distribution of virtual currencies? Is there any reason we are partial to English speakers?

The peercoin website doesn’t offer a Chinese version. I find this odd and perhaps peculiar, as if it is intentional. Which now begs the question, why are we not translating our product into Chinese? At the same time, why do I feel like this community is stuck in English?

I can only hope we are preparing the rockets on the launch pad. Mission control has yet to give the countdown.

The website text still needs to be finalized I believe. There’s no point in doing the work to translate it if it might have to be changed in the near future.