Please Like and Share the New Peercoin Facebook Page! (

I’m finally done adding content to Peercoin’s new Facebook page. Please like the page so you’ll receive updates in your news feed and then share it with all your crypto friends. The PPcoin page only has 154 likes. Let’s surpass that page as fast as possible. You can find it at the following link:


Also, you may have noticed that there is no banner image for the page. We have no graphic designer on the team as far as I know, but if we do, please let us know. We need ideas for what to put in the banner and somebody to make it for us, otherwise it will stay blank like it is now.

Great work there Sentinelrv,

I’m sure there are some budding graphic designers lurking here on the forum who should be able to make us a nice banner for the page.


Great work, keep up the good work. It´s important to constantly give information to Joe User in Facebook.

I can update some of the news for now, but we’ll probably have to get content creators on the team to manage the page. This would have to be done as professional as possible, no posting like a 2 year old with 5 exclamation marks at the end of a sentence!!! And grammar has to be checked before posting updates.

Well, I could help there, but since I’m not a native speaker (you may already have noticed that :smiley: ), I’m not able to write an appropriate text.

But when it comes down to do the posting based on a pre written text, I’d love to help.

Edit: We should also place a link to the Facebook page on our homepage. Until now we have under 10 likes and facebook/PPcoin has over 150. It should be clear that facebook/peercoin is the official site and therefore we need much more attention/likes.

There’s a post on “Cryptocurrency Top 30 by “Likes”on Facebook” which is said to be updated once a month.
The snapshot of “likes” was taken on Oct 29th. Would be great to find the Peercoin page on one of the first places next month :slight_smile:

MeBeingAwesome had a great idea to use the image banner to broadcast important information like excahanges that accept ppc, upcoming events, announcements and other things. We could have a stock image that we use to fill in details and then switch it out for an updated one every once in a while. We would need to select a specific font and have at least some design to it. It should use similar colors to the logo.

For example, we’re looking for representatives for all these bitcoin conferences in the next 2 months. We could put all that information down on the banner until we find what we’re looking for and then change it to something else once that is handled. Maybe a new exchange starts accepting ppc, so we let everyone know in an updated banner. What do you think?

One of my friends did this with his own Facebook page. Check here for a real example. Our banner would be designed much nicer though and allow more room for text and information.