Please Give Feedback on the Following Videos

To our video production team:

  1. Internal Peercoin
  1. Feathercoin - Branching out to the Non-Crypto

That Feathercoin video is really good. I also made an important post in the other thread. Here it is…

I think this is probably a good idea. If anyone has not seen the video that is being referred to in the first post, check it here…

There is a reason why this video has millions of views. It’s modern, very simple and easy to understand and it’s professional high quality work. We should not half ass this video. We need something similar to the production quality of this Bitcoin video and we’ll put it right on the main website as an introduction for new people.

The only difference is that it will be marketing mainly to the people who already know what Bitcoin is, so there won’t be any reason to go over the really basic stuff. Instead, we should have animated representations of the ideas behind Peercoin and what makes it better than Bitcoin. The video needs to be just as simple to understand as the one above (NO COMPLICATED EXPLANATIONS!) and about the same length. Don’t make it too short and not sell the ideas well enough and don’t make it too long and bore people. Anyone have any idea how much that video cost to make?