Please complete this short survey to help to better understand the community

Please complete this survey if you have time. It is anonymous and will help understand the Peercoin community and plan for the future.

Edit: Results.

done… now the NSA has all my info :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks guys :slight_smile: The response rate has been quite good so far and I will be sure to post the statistics when I get enough.
Fun fact so far: The average Peercoin user is 33% Sunny King :stuck_out_tongue:

I posted it on the Facebook account.


we are all Sunny King!

done. please make the data public available (anonymous ofcourse)

Thanks Sentinelrv, there have been a good amount of responses from facebook. I changed the first question in the survey (Where did you get here from?) to include an “other” option as soon as I saw your post.

I will make all the results public. I don’t think it’s a good idea to release the raw data, however, so I will clean it up and post it on here and reddit.

Will we get to see the open ended responses at the end of the survey, where people could suggest improvements and ideas?

Yes definitely, I will post the results from every question. There have been about 50 responses so far. I am planning on waiting a bit longer to get more responses before posting a comprehensive display of all the results, hopefully with charts etc. If you want to see some of them now then here is a screenshot: …as you can see it is very messy so I want to clean it up to make it easier to understand.