i think nubits is digital usd. do you want to start a fiat coin?

Totally confused. No idea what you are talking about. Maybe you can give a usecase / scenario of it?

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Do you mean something similar to BitSharesX’s bitUSD, but based on Peercoin? Would be interesting, but I don’t know if the features of PPC / Peershares would allow these kind of contracts.

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You got me intrigued with the DAC-chain, but with not much information I can only guess what you are after. I won’t be of any help with coding anyway so maybe best to reach out to others.
Still hoping that someone builds a Turing complete DAC based on Peercoin chain, that would be a game changer, but you might as well be on to something.

How do you make its fair value to always be exactly one dollar ?

Oh my - I fell for pillow’s line.
Well done, pillow!
…on April Fool’s Day I’m more watchful :slight_smile:

Dont get your hopes up. Im of course only trolling with this thread. Im making claims that are outlandish and my design probably doesnt work. Just a pipe dream. Never the less I think it could be turned into a cool sci-fi story, so Im going to write one. Its gonna be a hard sci-fi story about a distant planetary system. The conglomerate have re-established their formet foothold and the people are drooling at the great opportunities. Maria is one of the more fortunate ones and we get to follow her journey from poor to one of the rich. But as akways there is a price to be paid, not worth the money.

The short story will be totally uncomprehandable and cater to onle readers with a very sophisticated taste inn literature ; ie only barebly readable for neirds only.