Picking up the Peershares project (new pull request)

Hi all,

I just created a new pull request on the Peershares project (merging peercoin 0.5.2): https://github.com/Peershares/Peershares/pull/137
Hopefully the project is not so dead that there will be no response.

In any case, I will keep maintaining a Peershares fork for a while: https://github.com/hrobeers/Peershares

Feel free to join the party, I’ll only be doing some coding, no website or other stuff.

Were you able to start a Peershares chain with the code merge?

I started the client, it couldn’t find any nodes on the testnet.
But I didn’t start a new chain yet.

Good point, will try to do that later this week.
In the mean time, I’ll add this as a note to the pull request.

Good catch, thanks.

I doubt anyone is running a testnet node, and I don’t think the seed node for testnet is even active anymore. If you get a chain running let me know and I’ll try to compile and connect.

Small status update.

Got a local testnet running.
PoW blocks are being generated.
peershares and peersharesd executables are connecting to each other.

Protocol v03 is scheduled for March 15
Protocol v04 is scheduled for March 16
Protocol v05 is scheduled for March 17

I assume these protocol timestamps can be changed if needed without regenerating the genesis block?

I’ll setup a permanent node on a VPS later (hopefully this weekend) so that you can start connecting.

Thanks for the Peeshares project!
I’m really enjoying this and it’s the perfect starting point for my idea.

Do you by any chance know C++? I believe Jordan Lee is still hiring a 2nd full-time coder to help finish our 2nd Peershares implementation, B&C Exchange. Pay is $50-$100 an hour depending on experience. It would probably greatly help you in getting familiar with the Peershares/Nu code. Here is the ad…

Yes, I already contacted Jordan. Unfortunately I can’t free myself full-time as I have a very good day-job and several side projects.

I wrote this opensource project from scratch using C++ and Qt: http://finfoil.io/ (And Elixir/Erlang for the web server)
Feel free to check it out.

Peershares is compiling now on my VPS (my current laptop is 32-bit, since my newer one broke down :frowning: ). The compilation is quite heavy on RAM due to the massive source files (e.g. main.cpp), and that’s what my server does not have too much, so it’s taking ages. Hope to update you guys soon.

I’ve premined all the shares, so that my VPS will not do PoW. But I’ll post some addresses to steal some shares from.

Apparently it’s impossible to compile the Peershares (or any other bitcoin code) on a system with 512Mb of RAM. It will start swapping like hell takes multiple hours to compile. And since my VPS is running other stuff, I can’t afford using all resources for such a long time.

It’s all caused by the following huge source files:


One possibility is start splitting them up. However, that’s a lot of work and will make future upstream merges more difficult.

So next update will follow when I get access to a x86_64 system with enough RAM to compile it.


Experiencing some weird behavior in my testnet.

[ol][li]Used 3 peers for the IPO and they hold all about 1/3 of the shares. However, when I list the shareholders for dividend payments, I get a huge list of unknown shareholders all holding 2500 shares.[/li]
[li]One of the peers gets stuck quickly on a fork. Might be caused by low testnet block spacing and all shares in 3 addresses?[/li]
[li]The unit tests do not compile (for the original Peershares 0.1.0 code)[/li][/ol]

So if you know about these issues, please let me know. If not, I’ll try to sort it out.


I believe you can compile it on a Raspberry Pi 2 which many here have compiled and runs nu and bcexchange on. R-pi is the perfect decentralized POS node (when you don’t load too many – many hundrends say --outputs in its wallet to make it run out of memory)

You should ask [member=28683]Ben[/member] about running a peershares instance.

Hi mhps,

Yes, I have a rpi2. However, the rpi2 has an ARM processor, not x86_64, so the binaries are not compatible with my VPS.
But no worries, peerchemist gave me access to one of his. I compiled it on that one, but there is still a firewall blocking the port.

Anyway, I noticed that there is still a lot of work to do.
I’m going to fix the unit tests (they’re not even compiling for the peercoin code).

it’s not difficult to compile nu on stock Raspibian with source code directly downloaded from github. see https://docs.nubits.com/nu-raspberry-minting/
fortify security might need more knowledge than normal users have.