Phire Digital - Responsive Website Design (SVG Animation + many other services)

[center][size=15pt]Hi Forum :)[/size]

[center]We offer our services for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin or Namecoin only.[/center]

[center]Ohh and maybe NuShares too >:D[/center]

[size=15pt]Design, Development, SVG animations and artwork.[/size]

We differ from most other design / development companies in that we are very experienced in SVG animation. Look at the web these days, and many sites are still using outdated image techniques. .gif, .jpg, .png have there place, but for most new sites SVG (vector based) is the way forward, as it will scale perfectly no matter what device your website is viewed on.

For example a logo that looks good on a 1280 x 720 (HD 720p) screen may not look so good on a 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA) if the user zooms in for a better view, pixel based graphics will appear pixilated. The best thing about using SVG is that the image will always display to the best ability of the device it’s being viewed on. Zoom in on a vector based image and it will always adapt. The logo above is an svg image, unfortunately it’s not possible to post SVG animations to the forum without, custom code from the forum admin.
We offer customers amazing responsive web design, and primarily use MODX CMS as the back end on most of our projects. We have experience in integrating payment systems, including merchant, stripe, paypal, skrill, bitpay etc. Custom development is also covered (PHP, mySQL, AngularJS, MongoDB), and we aim to implement HTML5 best practices, where possible and browser compatible.

We have a small but well equipped & dedicated team, that will offer help and support at every step. We were incorporated in April 2015 (reg. № 09536681) in the UK, and we’re currently working from our home offices in central Sheffield (UK). Your project will be managed from the ground up, we also have remote support software if you need help with technical issues.

If you want a cheap website, look elsewhere, but if you need a site to look and feel very professional exactly as per your specifications, then please consider Phire Digital. Quotes are free, so please get in touch.

We are offering 30% discount for our first 3 customers.

Please take a look at our site and either contact us there, or PM here on the forum
(contact on the site will get a much quicker response though)

You can view our examples here!