Peerunity (v0.1.0) Released for Windows, Linux & OS X


I’m proud to announce the availability of Peerunity 0.1.0! Binaries for Windows, Linux and OS X (10.7+) are available through the Peerunity project repository on Github.

What is Peerunity?

Peerunity is a Peercoin network-compatible, community-developed wallet client.

The project has been designed to provide people with a stable, secure, and feature-rich alternative to the Peercoin v0.4.0 reference wallet (

What is included in Peerunity?

New Features:

[ul][li]Peerunity branded UI (new icons and text and content labels)[/li]
[li]“Unlock for Minting Only” menu item[/li]
[li]“Coin Control” functionality[/li]
[li]createmultisig RPC call added[/li]
[li]-walletnotify command added[/li][/ul]

Protocol Bug Fixes:

[ul][li]New stakes will be displayed after a successful block mint without having to restart the client.[/li]
[li]When a proof-of-stake block was minted, the sum of the resulting balance (block reward + stake) was incorrectly being doubled when displayed through the listaccounts RPC call. This was only a display issue and did not affect the GUI or when getbalance was called.[/li]
[li]In the Options dialog, the mandatory transaction fee description was updated with accurate details about how the Peercoin network fees worked. Previously, the text referred to how the Bitcoin network’s fees are processed.[/li]
[li]Updated compilation instructions for building on OS X (with MacPorts or Homebrew, for 10.8.x or 10.9.x)[/li][/ul]

Localization Updates:

[ul][li]French language translation updates[/li]
[li]Norwegian language translation updates[/li]
[li]Chinese (Simplified) language translation updates[/li][/ul]

What if I run into a problem, or need support?

Please report any issues you encounter through the Peerunity Issue tracker on Github, or, if you don’t have a Github account, and don’t plan on creating one, create a topic here on on the Peerunity board.

Peerunity FAQs

As this is the first release, I’m sure that the community will have lots of questions about how it all works. As questions come up, we’ll do our best to get the questions and answers added to the Peerunity wiki, but as it will take us a little time to build that out, I’ll first add the response here, to keep them in one place.

Do I need a new wallet? What will happen to my coins?
Because they use the same wallet.dat file on your computer, both the Peercoin reference client and Peerunity are accounting for the same coins in the block chain. It is recommended, however, as a general practice, that you keep a backup of your wallet.dat in a safe place. You can create a backup using the Peercoin reference client before you install Peerunity from the menu options.
Can we run peerunity and reference client at the same time? e.g. are they using the same ports?
Peerunity uses the same port that the reference client is configured for, so that they can connect to the same network. You should not run the two applications at the same time, because the default settings will use the same data directory. Unless you're trying to run them both for a very specific reason, using different copies of the block chain and wallets.dat with different "-datadir" settings for each when you launch the applications, there should be no reason to attempt concurrent use.
Can you download Peerunity to directly replace your Peercoin client (in the same way that downloading v0.4 replaces v0.3)? Should I have to uninstall the Peercoin client first?
You don't have to uninstall the reference client, unless you really want to. Having them both installed won't be a problem, you just shouldn't attempt to switch back and forth between which one you'll use. If you do, you'll likely run into a known issue.
Wait, did you say that there's a known issue? What is it, and is it going to affect my coins?
The issue is documented here, "[url=]Changing wallet software from Peercoin to Peerunity to Peercoin causing DB exception[/url]", and [b]will not affect the coins you have in your wallet[/b]. The linked issue report includes instructions for fixing the database version mismatch that occurs. We're actively looking to find a solution to this issue, but in the mean while, we hope that the vast majority of peercoin holders who install Peerunity will find that the added functionality and cleaned up user interface will provide all you need for now, and you won't need to switch back to the reference client.
What's next for Peerunity?
Check out the [url=]future functionality thread[/url] on to learn more. We'd like to hear your ideas!
Who's the "we" you keep talking about when you refer to the Peerunity development team?
Peerunity 0.1.0 has been a truly community-based effort. Developers, testers, and designers who have contributed code, validation, and visual assets include:


(If I’ve missed anyone, I’m very, very sorry, and will get you added to the list. Trying to combine contributions across the repo and PeercoinTalk wasn’t as straight-forward as I had hoped!)


Fantastic news :slight_smile:

If anybody has any features they want to see in v0.2, please post them here…


Excellent work Ben and everyone on the Peerunity team! It’s great to see community development yielding tangible results. :slight_smile:

Congratulations 8)

Important milestone reached. :slight_smile: I have installed it and tried on testnet. It works so far.

To celebrate I just bought some Peercoins. ;D

Keep up the great work!!

Well done, will install on Windows later today, and probably even buy some more Peercoins since the price is so low :slight_smile:

great work! could someone kindly explain what coin control and multisig will enable me to do in the peerunity client? preferably in really simple terms… would be very grateful - thanks

If you want to select which coins to spend in order to minimizing coin-age loss, or for preserving anonymity (coins of different sources aren’t spent together), you will love coin control. Before Peercoin has its own page, you can make do with this page from groko of YAC although it was written to show how to find out coin-age.

thanks for that. so if i wanted to sell 1/4 of my peercoins i could choose to sell the newest 1/4 of coins thereby keeping the older coins that have the greatest chance of minting in my wallet… have i got it right?

also, what is the multisig command about - anyone know?

thanks again

[quote=“r00tsical, post:13, topic:2455”]@mhps
thanks for that. so if i wanted to sell 1/4 of my peercoins i could choose to sell the newest 1/4 of coins thereby keeping the older coins that have the greatest chance of minting in my wallet… have i got it right?[/quote]

Yes. Make sure to use the “after fee” amount to send so that the wallet don’t touch other coins to get the fee (for example see your one year old 1000PPC pile losing all its coin-age after moved to a change address in 999.99PPC) . In a twist the fee is often not calculated correctly by coin control for complicated reasons. So it’s best to press the send button, check the actual fee from the pop-up window, and modify send amount accordingly.

The OSX binary does not work. It crashes immediately after opening it.

@Sentinelrv: Could you please update the mirror of this thread to add the “-walletnotify” command item under the new features list? I had missed it previously in the list of enhancements included in 0.1.0. Thanks!

Edit: Thanks for sending the log file, lunokhod. I’ve opened an issue in the Peerunity repository, and will start working on it ASAP.

New build has been created, but it needs additional review. Can someone who is comfortable testing it on their machine please help me review it to make sure it works across a variety of OS X versions? Thank you.


I think the announcement should be posted to the offcial bitcointal thread for Peercoin for a much wider audience and a new ANN post should be made there because Peerunity is also a milestone for Peershares development.

The team list should be included, too. Because many poeple don’t realize that Peercoin ecosystem has quite a few developers and active community contributors.