Peerunity Theme Competition Using Style Sheets (300 PPC Bounty) DEADLINE MAY 31

The Peercoin community at is holding a competition to create a theme for its upcoming community wallet, Peerunity. We’re currently offering a bounty of 300 PPC, which is around $627 as of this posting date (Check for current Peercoin prices.) The type of people we’re looking for that would have the skill set to complete this would be web developers who have used cascading style sheets for web sites. C++ skills are not needed.

Instructions: Entrants will be required to design and submit a .qss style sheet. The UI elements are described in the XML files in the directory. A new .qss stylesheet should be used to stylize these elements. The XML files can also be changed with Qt Creator if you feel it’s necessary (for example changing classes, the layout or adding identifiers), but you will have to rebuild the code to test the changes. When your entry is complete, a pull request should be made containing the style sheet. Please place the style sheet here: The latest versions of Peerunity for Windows and Linux can be downloaded here:

Tutorials: There are many Qt style sheets available on the web you can use as a starting point (If the licence allows it). You can learn more about Qt style sheets here: You can read a simple tutorial here: Here’s another one:

Testing Custom Style Sheets: You can easily load up and test a custom style sheet using a parameter without having to compile the whole client. Just follow this example: If you changed the layout though, you may have to rebuild the code to test the changes.

Logo & Color Scheme: Peerunity has its own logo. Currently there is only a tiny version of the logo displayed in the upper left corner of the app, but it’s possible a larger version could be placed somewhere on the app in the future. There is an empty space on the bottom left corner of the overview tab where the logo could fit nicely, but we have no plans to do this yet. That could change in the near future though, so it would be best if you were to select a color theme that meshed well with our Peerunity logo. The logo is a P with ring around it, both of them gold. The inner space is transparent, so whatever color theme you choose will show through the inside of the golden ring. To see what I’m talking about, please download the Peerunity logo files here: There are different versions in that download with the logo laid over top of light and dark colored backgrounds. Looking at these should help give you an idea what color theme would best match the logo and the Peerunity client.

Referral Bonus: If you refer a designer to our competition and they win, you’ll receive 20 PPC! Please let experienced designers know about this competition for your chance to win. You can also just copy this entire thread and post it in another forum. Remember, the people we’re looking for that most likely have the skill set to complete this would be web developers who have used cascading style sheets for web sites. Please get this into their hands to earn your reward.


  • An entrant may submit multiple entries if he/she wants to.
  • All entries must be submitted by the end of May 31st, EST.
  • All .qss style sheet entries must be submitted to the Peerunity Github Repo.
  • We reserve the right to not hand out the bounty reward in the case of small turnout or low quality entries. The Peercoin community will vote on their favorite style sheet after the submission deadline ends. If the community is dissatisfied with the end results of the competition, no reward will be handed out. As long as people submit quality work, this shouldn’t happen.

Let me know if you have any questions, good luck! :slight_smile:

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