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I don’t know if this has already been discussed, so forgive me if I’m redundant.

I talk to people in my life about digital currency and all express the same concern: It’s too complicated. I get it, because I’m not a trchnically-minded person either, and most of what is discussed here is above my pay grade. I think if PeerUnity were designed for idiots, it would attract a lot of new investors. If I could, for instance, click on a button that would rescan the blockchain. I have gone into the AppData file dozens of times over the years but still have to research how to do it every time. If there was a feature within PeerUnity to make a multisig wallet. If there was a feature for predicting the mint time/date. A feature showing ppc current price, ppc wallet data. If I never had to manually move wallet.dat around, I’d be very happy. Just an idea. Thanks.


Peerunity is being disbanded and all features ported to the main client, but these are some great ideas. It would be very helpful to people to automate more features. There should be no reason why people need to find hidden folders and move/delete files. It should all be available as buttons in the navigation.

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This isn’t possible. There is already a minting tab containing % chance to mint, that is the only thing that can be reliably reported. Minting is essentially a stochastic process, especially if you consider that PoW blocks are strongly entropic.

You shouldn’t have to do this too often. But sure, this would be nice.

I’m pretty sure this is taken care of in the file>multisig option. Most applications for multisig require the flexibility of more advanced software like

This would need to be a centralized API call and likely too unreliable for a software that is intended to stand the test of time. Maybe if you could repoint it wherever as a data feed, but that adds complexity and we’d have to support it going forward.

Not sure what this means. You have a ‘receive’ tab and you can enable advanced coin controls using the settings>options>display menu.

There is a button for backing up your wallet (file>backup wallet). Maybe we should also have an ‘import wallet’ button.

Does findstake not still work?

Is there a timeline for when the new wallet will be released?

Saying it’s impossible was probably misleading. You might be able to see 21 days into the future. I still feel like it’s a lot of work.

Not sure anyone has actually gotten findstake to work since v0.5.

I want to try to clarify that findstake assumes constant difficulty. If the difficulty goes down, new opportunities to mint will arise that the minter didnt think would happen. If the difficulty goes up, the window of opportunity will close that the minter thought was open. This could easily cause confusion and inconvenience, or a less secure chain. Not to mention make it harder to explain to new users (which is what the OP is about).

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If you got a notification saying that there was a possibility that you would mint at 3 pm tomorrow, so make sure your client is open and synced (if syncing is necessary), it could possibly increase minting participation. People don’t like having to leave the client running all the time.

It makes it harder to explain, but easier to use.

It is true it would likely surprise people that you can predict down to the exact second when you are going to mint, but that’s how it appears to work most of the time.

It will enter testing within 2 weeks.

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It would be a nice feature for advanced users, sure. I do not recommend giving it to noobs.

It was interesting when it was released, there were new-ish people with small stakes saying they were excited to be able to mint a block for once, as before it was frustrating to try minting for long periods of time with no success. I’m surprised it hasn’t been updated or made more available since, though priorities are obviously different at the moment.

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V0.5 significantly altered the way the stake modifier works. That pretty much killed the project as far as i can tell.

Does this mean I should remove the link to FindstakeJS from the resources section of our sticky? It’s basically useless now correct? I would remove it if keeping it will just cause confusion.

Not sure. @thehuntergames does findstake work in v0.5?

the project on github still works, I use it to calculate the ones that has over 100 coindays.
however the online versions dont work anymore as I dont maintain them anymore.
so yes remove the
but do keep the github link

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Haha I’ll be sure to stay away from it then. :stuck_out_tongue: