Peershares Trading

So this might be a stupid questions but how are Peershares going to be traded?

Once a company has issued their share ‘coins’ to individuals they can obviously trade directly between themselves, but there is going to need to be somewhere centralised that will list the companies that have issued Peershares and sets a current market value for each companies share otherwise there is no easy way for an investor to see what securities are available / how much their securities are worth.

Without this, or some sort of decentralised exchange that is easy to use, then the market for any company that is floated using Peershares is going to incredibly un-liquid (even more so than crypto-currencies in general) which brings a lot of investor risk.

If it’s just private companies issuing Peershares to be able to able to distribute dividends then this is less of an issue, but since I assume anyone who holds a Peershare can send it to anyone else then it is only pseudo-private as there are no controls to stop the Peershares being traded privately.

Specific types of Peershares will be traded in exactly the same way as cryptocommodities such as Peercoin. Ideally multiple exchanges will trade a specific type of Peershares. From the perspective of the exchange it will function just like any other altcoin.

This is correct. Ownership of Peershares are not subject to centralized control in any way.

I can’t wait until some one makes a youtube video on how Peershares works in concept.

Even if someone has to draw a fake computer screen with pen/paper, and pretend to use their mouse to click, in order to convey the message.

Or, if a workable demo becomes available for a testing, a youtube video of someone using the system and narrating it in a slow and calm manner.

This will be the best way for the public to wrap their heads around how Peershares works, especially if no exchanges support trading “specific types of peershares” in the early days. Exchange owners themselves would love to see this type of video.

…and it doesn’t have to be a glorified animated video either, professionally cut. Just something that is easy to understand.

Thanks Jordan! That’s pretty much what I thought would be happening.

So will there be a separate blockchain for each company that wishes to issue shares using Peershares?

If there is then I presume any ‘exchange’ will need to run separate daemons for each companies’ blockchain?

Who would generate the genesis blocks for each company and how is the blockchain for each company secured? I presume you’re using PoS minting to secure these new blockchains so there will need to be a proportion of each companies shares tied up to secure the network rather than being available to trade?

Or… Do the Peershares piggy back on the Peercoin blockchain and use Peercoins for individual shares?

Sorry for all the questions :slight_smile: I haven’t been paying full attention to what you guys are proposing, but it does sound very interesting!


At first yes. While we plan to release a wallet that integrates different Peershares instances and Peercoin later, technically separate daemons will still be running in the background, though it won’t seem like it from a user perspective.

At first companies should enlist the help of a Peershares developer to get their blockchain started. It is possible to simplify the process so later this professional assistance may not be necessary if someone creates a tool to assist in starting a chain.

No. Peershares transactions take place independently of Peercoin. Dividends paid to shareholders will be paid in Peercoins. That is the extent of Peershares’ dependency on Peercoin.