Peershares Project B&C Exchange Hiring 2 Full Time Developers, $50-100 an Hour

Jordan Lee of Peershares and NuBits is hiring 2 full time developers to help finish building his latest Peershares based DAO, B&C Exchange. Not only will B&C help NuBits, it will help Peercoin, since PPC will inevitably be listed on the exchange among other high ranking cryptos. Please consider taking the job or even letting others know about the job, especially since there is a reward for finding these devs. Info about the reward was posted by Jordan here…

We will pay 10% of whatever the developer makes in the first six months to anyone who introduces me to a developer we end up hiring as a consultant. I will ask all candidates how they heard about the job to ensure proper credit.

Here is the main thread about the hiring…

We are hiring two additional C++ developers to move our completion date closer.

The Senior C++ developers will be contributing to the B&C Exchange
core client, intended for use by B&C shareholders and reputed
signers. The code is open-source and can be viewed here. You may wish
to take a look at the design document that will define the work you will do.

Experience in C++, Qt, blockchain development, development related to
peer to peer currencies, experience trading financial assets,
developing trading software and experience working with a distributed
team from home are all desirable attributes.

Compensation will be hourly, ranging from 50 NuBits (USD) to 100
NuBits (USD), depending on experience. The position will last about
four or five months. Candidates must be available for full time work for
the duration of the project. Depending on the success of the project,
additional funding may be available to continue work after the initial
implementation is complete. You will be working with sigmike, John
Jegutanis, glv, woodstockmerkle, CoinGame and myself. We are spread
throughout the world.

Demonstration of competence, motivation and trustworthiness are
paramount concerns to me in hiring for this position. It isn’t important
what your real name is, what country or time zone you live in, or when
you work. Someone able to work full time is preferred, but part time
candidates will be considered. Most likely, successful
candidates will be able to demonstrate their passion for developing peer
to peer financial solutions with past work.

If you are interested, please contact Jordan Lee by email at, by PM at or by Bitmessage at