Peershare ipo makes price go down?

question, when company X does crowd funding through peershares, collects Y peercoins, because it is still early days in cryptoworld they need some old fashioned fiat, selling the peercoins, which makes the price go down? when they are funding it is good to think about this, maybe need to raise double,

I guess NUBits could help in some way ?

It’s most likely a set of competitive pressures, because if you’re going to distribute peercoins as a dividend you need to have acquired them in the first place. For it to act as a downward lever of the price of peercoin, you would also expect that a large number of those who receive dividends are immediately selling (at the same time) for fiat. That doesn’t sound realistic to me.

Also, you don’t need to offer the shares for peercoin (they could be given out freely, or sold for crypto or fiat), it’s only the dividend that requires peercoins.

ah I see, I understand the situation with the dividend when everything is up and running, but for start ups, they have to spend a lot of their capital what they have raised, anyway, it seems this doesn’t have to be peercoins as you explained

I guess since these factors are known now, enough people will try to take advantage of them (buy the dips and sell the spikes) so that there won’t be much fluctuation (except for the first few times?)