PeerScript Labs running out of funds

Hi all,

PeerScript Labs, the project that brought us the P2SH and PeerAsset challenges, is running out of funds, many commits are waiting for some reward.
The recent PeerAsset challenge is paid out of my own pocket, but other challenges are in the pipeline and I can’t fund them all and reward the contributed work.

I’m also using PeerScript Labs as a way to draw some attention to our community and the projects we have going on.
They seem to have some good impact on our social media, so any support is highly appreciated!

Also don’t forget to support our projects like PeerAssets which was under the radar for a while, but is starting to get some exposure!

For now PeerKeeper is still healthy, as the development has been at a lower pace to boost the other projects.

The donation address is in my signature.

Many thanks for any support!

The contribution has only been 444 ppc this far to the donation address in your signature. That is pretty pathetic. Ill send 200 in the next 48 hrs.

If you are a whale its time, please. A lot of us are converting our paychecks to ppc to help.

This project should set a short term goal of 5000 ppc.

954 has been sent to the peer scripts address.

I advertised this on social media…

I would like to check and just make sure of the donation process:
The address in your signature has never been used so I’m not sure if it’s the right address to use:
I also know this website:
And found “PeerScript Labs” project on it:
Is this the place to donate?

Good luck.

[member=31763]colin[/member] unfortunately is not kept up with and shouldn’t be used. I recommend using either

Ah! Blockr is deceiving. They should take down the page or put big warnings that its not maintained.

OK thanks, I will send some to the PeerScript address.

I didn’t realize this. I’ll have to remove Blockr from the list of explorers.

Only 1,095.380033 PPC. Not much of a community we got here with this kind of support.

There’s not much activity in the forum. A lot people don’t know about the need for those donations. [member=890]Sentinelrv[/member]'s social media activity is good, but an active community would be even better.
Do all donation addresses require funding equally?
Well, I think some more PPC will find their way :wink: