PeercoinTalk's Community Interview With Sunny King #3 (05/24/14 - 4:00 PM EST)

Hey everyone, on Saturday, May 24th at 4:00 PM EST, PeercoinTalk will be holding its 3rd community interview with Peercoin/Primecoin developer, Sunny King. Ben will be moderating. The chat will be held in the PeercoinTalk chat box on the home page. A transcript will be posted later in case you missed it. This might also be split up into several interviews in order to get all the questions answered that were submitted.

This is the interview that will use the questions we chose right?

Yes, finally I know. We’re trying to set it up so we can focus on one question at a time and allow people to ask follow up questions or get clarification. We’re still trying to figure that out though.

Sounds good if you could do that, but there were quite a few questions. It will be an ordeal but worth it.

We’re thinking of splitting it up into several interviews.

Am looking forward to the interview, tomorrow

Just a preference: I would prefer follow-up questions to be pinged to Ben, so Ben can put them to Sunny - rather than people chipping in

I’m still trying to figure out what the best process would be. I go back and forth on whether or not we should use an IRC room for “sidebar” discussions / questions, and then I can move them into the main chat.

This is similar to how the discussion panel was run when Sunny, Larimer, and Jordan Lee had their discussion moderated by Fuznuts from the BeyondBitcoinShow here on the site.

I’m open to ideas though. I want it to be accessible to people to be able to ask clarifying or related questions, but I’d also like it to have the highest “signal to noise” ratio possible – those goals are often in conflict :slight_smile:

My suggestion would be to allow Ben to ask a question and wait for Sunny to answer it. Then give the community a limited time to talk about that subject and ask any follow up questions. If there are no more questions or if we’ve spent too much time on that subject, Ben would then cut it off and ask a new question from our list. The process would then repeat. The community will only be able to ask questions about the subject that Ben brought up. For example, if Ben’s question to Sunny was about checkpoints, the community would have a limited time to ask about that, but not an unrelated topic like marketing. If people wanted to ask about marketing, they’d have to wait until Ben asked Sunny a question about marketing. How does that sound?

The advantage of the side discussions elsewhere is that we would be able to use sunnyking’s time more effectively answering the community voted questions. If something comes out of side discussions Ben can bring that in.

But if everyone behaves sentinelrv’s proposal may work as well.

I slightly prefer the side discussion model though.

I think it will work best if the posting is restricted to interviewer and interviewee (Ben and Sunny), and the rest of us watch, or send comments/queries to Ben via some method not visible in the interview. This is for the following reasons:

First of all, the whole point of the poll on questions was to provide a list of questions - this is negated if people can just pop up with random questions that were not successful in the poll

Second, as a reader, I find ad hoc questions, by people who cannot see each other, and therefore unable to co-ordinate as if you would around a table, disorientating and hard to follow - this problem is exacerbated by the timelag after posting

Sometimes, we do not even ask questions, but give views. I recall one chat which had moments where Sunny became a bystander in other people’s discussions, which defeats the point of the exercise.

Finally, Sunny’s answers need to be developed by the interviewer, to clarify them and expand on them. Ben has the expertise of Peercoin to do this (many of the rest of us do not).

So, it is Ben’s call, but I think it is beneficial if Ben is in control to focus on Sunny

I think it would be best if the interview was the same set up as last time. Simply have Ben ask a question and allow Sunny to respond. No one else needs to be involved. Was this not the whole purpose of voting on the questions to be asked?

I fully agree with this… As the interviewer Ben can ask Sunny to elaborate on a particular point if it’s not clear.

No community participation in the chat for this one. We’ve already voted on these questions.


I guess that’s the way it will be then, as long as Ben agrees. We’ve got about 5 hours left.

We will use the #Peercoin Freenode channel as the “sidebar” discussion room, during the interview with Sunny.

If you would please use your PeercoinTalk username (or a recognizable variation of it) as your IRC username, I would appreciate it.

The intent of the sidebar is to allow the community to propose follow-up or clarification questions in response to Sunny King’s answers, but I reserve the right of final discretion for the questions that are moved from the sidebar into the interview chat, as the moderator, in order to maintain the flow of the interview.

A transcript of the interview will be posted as soon as possible after the conclusion of the interview.

Thank you all for posting the questions, and I look forward to hearing from Sunny King! See you after the interview!

Since Sunny didn’t know that much about Open Transactions, can somebody supply me with some informative links and videos so that I can send them to him?

Here is a link which includes links to videos and interviews: