Peercointalk domain redirect


The elegant solution will be automating it in app.yml. Until that I’d say it’s acceptable in order to have it working properly. Is it sufficent to disable the Let’s Encrypt entries to avoid Discourse overwriting the certificate?

Do you or intend to run other services alongside?


Not if server can be used for other stuff as well.

I intend, thinking about setting a git server.


Would it be a good idea to ask the Discourse devs or people on their forum for help?

#44 now displays

“Welcome to nginx on Debian!”

page now with no forced redirect just so you know.



@peerchemist and @jooize, I know you guys are trying to figure it out, but maybe others have already went through these issues with their own discourse instance and can help. Check their official forum and maybe make a help thread detailing the problem…


@peerchemist @jooize, there are people who have contacted me not realizing that we moved yet telling me that they can’t access because it takes them to this nginx screen. I’m afraid this is not something that we can really push off until later, because there are people who visit every several months who are unaware of the new forum and weren’t around to see the announcements.


I’ve personally tested with two browser and asked other people to test as well. Nobody seems to be having issues with redirect.

Can someone tell me in which scenario does this happen? What @Fuzzybear linked resolves correctly.


Ok I see it is about forced redirect to https on IE browser.


I just went to try all those different links in the post Jooize made in the quote below and now they all seem to redirect fine. Did you do something? It wasn’t working before. It would take me to a white screen that said something like welcome to nginx.

There still seems to be two problems though, because the URL reads peercointalk still and not When I click the links, it also shows that I’m not signed in, even though I already was. The sign in box is visible, not sure why that is happening. It’s almost like it’s a different website.


All except currently redirect to What’s the plan?

Probably not very important, but it listens on IPv6 for HTTP while not for HTTPS. Shouldn’t spdy be http2 now?

I don’t know how handle the domain redirection properly with Nginx.


I recently set up redirects for,, etc. for Had to move the server to NGINX cause of a DDOS last week that Apache wasn’t able to handle. I can send you a copy of my config if it helps. I’ll send you a PM with my email, I could take a look at yours as well. I’m not an expert but did manage to get them working :stuck_out_tongue:.


Redirects are not working. CoinMarketCap is still pointing to the old forum and it is not redirecting. This is not good.


I just sent them a request to change the forum URL to the new one.


Coinmarketcap has now updated the domain name.


peerchemist updated a config on the web server and all the links work fine now. If something is missing please let us know.


Is it possible to have the onion address working?


Soon. I am a bit buried with PeerAssets now.