Peercointalk domain redirect


Hey all,

I have now pointed the domain to the new forum site and redirects are happening as expected. I have put the old forum up on the URL which you can still loging and get old messages. Boards are still read only.

Any questions or concerns please let me know.

@Sentinelrv @jooize can you see if the google SEO is updating as expected and URL’s forwarding etc. any ratings for the site would be good to monitor also . = rank 738,927



I have tested and I everyone should be able to login again to the old forum and check PM’s etc old posts.

The redirect is working.

google search of “peercoin forums” as of 26th Jan 2017


Right. We need to add [www.] to the certificate we use for Discourse.

Manually, I think it’s the following, but we should set it up via app.yml in Discourse. @peerchemist

certbot certonly \
--agree-tos \
--standalone \
--rsa-key-size 4096 \
--email \
-d \
-d \


@jooize, are you referring to the server identity errors I get from certain browsers when I try adding www. in the following URL?

Remember I reported it before in my other thread.


No, that’s different.


Configuration file changed since that post. I need to find recent documentation first.


Just to say I feel we are loosing redirects.

Search for peercoin forum now and you do not see at the top that cool, just

Very little blurb:
“Official forum for Peercoin news, discussion and development.”

No other sub cats. or threads from the new forum.

Search Peercoin mining, you get 5-6th result as thread links. click one and u get https not secure message.

Can someone look into this asap as this is exactly what I thought would happen and 4 years of excellent google rankings is being thrown away!



I asked Peerchemist about this and he said he needs some time to fix it still. It’s known about though.

Is there something bad about it being short and direct? How can it be improved and what benefits are there from making it longer?

Also, I’ll ask @jooize about getting different categories to show up under the main search results.


Redirection from httpS:// (and www.) being broken is indeed very bad. I apologise for not foreseeing this. Loading (and www.) works, but I expect many to load via HTTPS that visited us previously.

@peerchemist: Can you install a Let’s Encrypt certificate manually until there’s time to implement it the better way?

I don’t think the Google search results are bad, but let’s see if they can be improved.

I’m not sure “Official forum” is necessary or beneficial when we’re the top result and obviously the place to be. I think short and direct is good, and don’t change that part just because I suggested it.

The “General” category may not look inviting in the search result, and “General discussion” doesn’t give additional information about the category. Perhaps strip that to “Ecosystem, news, community, innovation, marketing, etc…” (it’s two full stops because ‘etc.’ is an abbreviation and then the full stop of the sentence).

“Sunny’s Updates” looks great.

We can’t choose what Google displays there.


I removed the word official.

This will look better in the search results, so I changed it.


Ah Cool,looks like some stuff has updated… yeh what i was thinking was missing was the sections “General” and “Sunny’s Updates” under the first link to the forum etc makes the search result really stand out.

Rest of the wording should be google search word terms if possible? but like what u have got working and playing with :slight_smile:



yes I will try to solve this following weekend.


Fuzzy, you said that you searched the term “Peercoin Forum.” When I do that I see that it doesn’t show any expanded sections in search like you are talking about, however when I search “Bitcoin Forum,” the same thing happens and no expanded sections are shown for Bitcointalk. Only when I search “Bitcointalk” and “Peercointalk” are the expanded sections actually shown.

About Sunny’s Updates, in my opinion they don’t seem to be that relevant anymore, as Sunny has not been very consistent over the last several months in posting them (he hasn’t even joined the new forum yet) and when he does post them, they usually only talk about other things that community members are working on and nothing that he is working on like everyone expects him to post. A lot of developers here feel that we should start posting a more detailed community driven list of updates a couple times a month, rather than relying on Sunny to do it.

Are there any other search terms I could add into the short description? The word “help” maybe?


Hey Sent,

Many thanks for your reply, ah yes then we might need to pick search terms and add categories to those pages if @jooize can do that? guess we need list of search terms. Running bitcoin through a word search term generator produced the following:


bitcoin mining

bitcoin forums

bitcoin exchange

get bitcoins

buy bitcoins

bitcoin charts

buy bitcoin

bitcoin buy

bitcoin calculator
and lots more… could use this and put peercoin in front as a start. then POS, minting etc can also be added.

Ah yes if the updates not as frequent from sunny then maybe take that board off the categories. Community driven updates would be good but need to be maintained and an input from sunny would be nice.



I will need to take the forum offline for some 10minutes to handle this properly.
It seems that the best way to handle this is to place ngnix before the discourse and have it handle the certs. For this I need to take down the discourse docker container, setup ngnix and then reconfigure the discourse.
But I like this solution, it will give me more control.


Did you already do this yet?




@Fuzzybear @jooize

I have troubles with getting the cert for the [www] domain. I am not sure how it is handled on the DNS and who is controlling it so please help here.

 - The following errors were reported by the server:

   Type:   unauthorized
   Detail: Incorrect validation certificate for TLS-SNI-01 challenge.
   from Received 2 certificate(s), first
   certificate had names "*,"

   To fix these errors, please make sure that your domain name was
   entered correctly and the DNS A record(s) for that domain
   contain(s) the right IP address.


@peerchemist ah yes that is my wildcard ssl cert i got for peercointalk that is loaded on the server. The cname is pointing to the new server, the old domain still at my old server so that they all still work. I guess i may need to change the setup if the www needs to redirect correctly



Yes I would like to handle the www. here as well, get it all done in single downtime.