Peercoin's potential

I’ve always pictured some sort of entity that would sell new peershares instances as a service, where they would produce and host new peershares networks for companies and then when/if the company becomes more successful they could detach from the hosting entity. The starup would be paying for this service, maintenance and what not, as long as they itself could not afford to do the work themselves (probably they would be focusing on their business instead).

A starup could even be residing on PeerAssets, then migrate to a hosted Peershares network and as a final step, detach from that. The more money the company would be worth, the more they could afford to spend on improving the security model and migrate to even more decentralized and self-securing network. This strategy would protect against “financial attacks”.

Since blockchains are pretty horrible, I also always thought that there would be things such as Peerkeep or somethings similar to SPV wallets, that the company can offer their clients/share holders.

Exactly what I’m suggesting!
We can make blockstream stuff work on Peercoin and make it usable through PeerKeeper.

Yea about that… I’ve been thinking about the two-way peg that side-chains depends on and I’m not sure I buy into it. I heard this interview with a Rootstock dev and he talked about a drive-chain too. Then there is Peter Todds blockchain “tree” where people would only have to bother with verifying the transactions they depend on.

Lot’s of different ways of scaling blockhain “horizontally” into “new” networks, but none of these proposals, though very clever indeed, seems to be 100% solid.

IF there is a way to make it possible to send coins between networks, without having merged mining, or some kind of pool vetting the transactions, that would be awesome.

I can’t come up with a solution to it though. Can you?

[quote=“hrobeers, post:3, topic:3964”]I believe this is not a question about what peercoin should do.
Bitcoin didn’t take any action on this either, it was blockstream and others.

Peercoin, just like bitcoin, should not move at all.
The question where we as the community should invest in, to grow the peercoin ecosystem around the current chain.[/quote]

Its all about speculation by buissnes way, ofc when we take a look BitCoin and Peercoin are on same algo and peer can take place near btc but this joice will deamed by bulls,bears and other investors, the potencial is there im see it in the past but in the past we haved small volume from ppc to make great compare line to btc now looks its right time for big bubble in btc way and after in ppc. Such propaganada and bullshit was spread around with almoust reasson dont touch me !!!

Im small miner but im invest it past and start to mine with reasson im saw the potential same like bitcoin so im sure soon all haters will make debat about ppc. My support to ppc will never end…