Peercoins missing from Qt, Staked Coins? Help please!

Hello all, hope someone can help me! I just opened my Peercoin Qt wallet, and I am missing 1,464.64 coins! The transaction type says “Mint by stake”, and the details say the following:

Status: 304 confirmations, broadcast through 8 nodes
Date: 3/8/2014 20:01
Debit: 0.00 PPC
Net amount: -1464.64 PPC
Transaction ID: 126b6b169123cd43037ee5ab05b99f882137d02c8a57479e49da24c0efe59f11

Staked coins must wait 520 blocks before they can return to balance and be spent. When you generated this proof-of-stake block, it was broadcast to the network to be added to the block chain. If it fails to get into the chain, it will change to “not accepted” and not be a valid stake. This may occasionally happen if another node generates a proof-of-stake block within a few seconds of yours.

I’m not sure what this means?? It sounds like it has something to do with mining, but I am not mining Peercoin? Are my coins gone? Here is my address on the Block explorer. It looks like the coin went out of my wallet, and are coming back in -3.66 coins. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Ok, so I think I understand what’s going on here. I believe that I must be getting 3.66 Peercoin as interest for keeping coins in my wallet?? I read the thread here on Proof of Stake minting, and it sounds like that’s what’s going on, but the strange thing is, my wallet is only showing a balance of 49.78 Peercoin. It appears then that this payment that is incoming is also tying up 1464.46 coins, is this correct?

Edit: So it sounds like I must’ve somehow had 1464.46 coins at stake, and now these will be essentially frozen until 520 block are mined. Is this correct? If so, now my question is, how did I get my wallet set like this? All I did is dl the client, and send the coins to it. Is there some sort of default setting? It looks like the 49.78 that are showing as available must’ve not been at stake?

Whew!! I’m starting to feel much better now! Almost had a heart attack when I saw my balance!

Hi, LouReed. Congrats on solving a proof-of-stake block.

Your original 1464.46 PPC transaction has been been split into two new ones (for 732.23, each), and combined with your reward for 3.66 PPC. As you read, these will be locked for 520 block confirmations, and you’ll then see them included in your balance.

Minting is an active state you need to set your wallet to, if it is encrypted, so I guess you either haven’t encrypted your wallet, or you enabled it through the Peercoin console.

A little confusing, but nothing to worry about. You just created 3.66 PPC :slight_smile:

Yep, I guess I should’ve done some research beforehand! Thanks for the replies, guy’s!