Peercoin's Identity

In your own opinion, what is Peercoin’s identity?

[ul][li]What does it feel like to engage with us(the community)?[/li]
[li]If Peercoin was a person, what would Peercoin be like (personality-wise)?[/li]
[li]How would Peercoin present itself to the world (style)?[/li][/ul]

Peercoin would be highly intelligent

Thank you Parsonage for replying.

However, I would like to hear more from the other members of the community.

This information is vital since I’ll be using it on my presentation’s marketing plan.

Thank you in advance!

Peercoin is like a tree. It lasts a long time, but doesn’t chase after anyone. It just waits for you.

It’s simple. It can’t be much simpler, as far as I understand.


[quote=“FuzzyBear, post:6, topic:3328”]The peercoin community has often been described as friendly, welcoming and helpful on many news articles and blogs I have read about us (which is nice :slight_smile: )

If peercoin a person… someone like humble, creative, intelligent and realising there is more to life than money

Peercoin seems to have the whole environmentally friendly, green angle going for it… This is great in “Western world” to a degree with the green revolution that happened and people being consciously aware of environmental issues, but I would like to see it run large scale projects and initiatives. The solar panel roadways was the kind of idea we need to be initiating for this environmentally friendly angle to be fully utilised. Some of the solar farms are very impressive and would be nice if we had our own community owned one… that once initially paid for would pay out peercoins from the electricity generated… idea for Peershares maybe.

But Sunny King always refers to Peercoin as a backbone currency, and I think that this is more how it should be presented to the world.

I feel i should mention here a nice story from the devcoin community of a writer in africa and how he spent his devcoins


Thank you for your response Fuzzy!