Peercoins and Worldcoins now available on Bittylicious, a UK exchange

Bittylicious is proud to announce that two new altcoins, Peercoin and Worldcoin, are now available for sale on its platform to UK buyers. These join Bitcoin and the two presently offered altcoins Feathercoin and Litecoin. <— this will go straight to the Peercoin offering

Both Peercoin and Worldcoin were chosen for their innovations when compared to a number of other altcoins, and also because of the ability to obtain enough sellers on the Bittylicious system to generate suitable competition.

Peercoin is the first coin to utilise a proof-of-stake system in its protocol, ultimately resulting in a network being maintained by users that hold large amounts of coins, rather than this being based on who can expend enough energy to generate blocks.

Worldcoin was chosen primarily because of its community and efforts in creating an economy, including attempts at a merchant network.

We would love to offer Primecoin as well, so please get in touch if you can sell this.

Both of these coins are immediately available for people in the UK to purchase via online bank transfers. Bittylicious would be interested in hearing from people that would be interested in selling Peercoin and Worldcoin on the Bittylicious platform both in the UK and abroad.

This is fantastic news thank you for all your hard work and providing this option for peercoin buyers and sellers :slight_smile:

I will update my posts on here of exchanges and places to buy PPC and sites etc, I’m sure Sentinlrv and MeBeingAwesome will want to spread this all round our social media sites… and super3 should be able to find a nie place to link your site on the official website so hopefully you should see the benefit and demand for the peercoin service you have provided.


Thanks, Fuzzybear. I’m pretty excited to be offering this as Peercoin is one of the few coins that actually has something technically interesting behind it.

I know there are a few people interested from the forum in becoming sellers on Bittylicious, so I hope that now this is live, you guys will come forward and formally apply. The more sellers there are, the more popularity there will be as some better price competition arises.

Can confirm I’ve bought about 200 PPC on Bittylicious now without any trouble! Very quick and smooth process.

I have also recently used Bittylicious with no issues, very fast transfer along with a nice and easy to use website.