PeercoinMyths Busters Lottery

The lottery is closed. It will open soon.

[center]PeercoinMyths Busters Lottery[/center]
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A myth is a story that may or may not be true.... Some myths may have started as 'true' stories but as people told and re-told them... so they are less 'true'. They may have changed them by mistake, or to make them more interesting. All cultures have myths.

Have you ever tried to have a conversation about Proof-of-Stake on reddit, only to find people dismissing your outright, mumbling incoherent technical mubu-yumbu and something about “there is nothing at stake”? Yes of course you have! Well, know you can turn this into a lottery ticket.

Its easy. Just do the following:

[ol][li]Learn about some myths. (I’ve collected and packaged those in an easy to read format here:[/li]
[li]Seek out conversations, where people are spreading these myths and misconceptions.[/li]
[li]Present the facts. Do it in a friendly and informative/professional way (smart-ass comments will be removed from the lottery).[/li]
[li]If you recognize the myth but for some reason don’t feel comfortable presenting the technical mumbu-jumbu facts, simply share the link to the myth with them:[/li]
[li]Reply to this thread, with a link to the reddit, forum, twitter post, etc.[/li][/ol]

Check out this thread every once in a while and see what myth busting discussions your fellow Peers have gotten themselves into. Help them out and join the fun.

I will sporadically and at random, select people participating in this myth busting fun, who will receive a random number of peercoins. It won’t be enough to make a living :wink: not by far, just a few lonely peercoins or perhaps not even that, but its a price never the less how small it is. Yes it will be only a symbolic token ;D

Let’s start fighting the FUD and BuST some MyTHs. Its lottery time!!!
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List of lottery winners:

Before I open the lottery, (I have to check some spelling and grammar in the myth thread and) I want to get your honest opinion about this. Is it a good idea or a very, very bad idea?

I think this is a good idea to get out more informations about PPC but it could end bad if people begin to act like a smartass and start to piss people of that do little mistakes just to get in the lottery.

I like it, but there is a risk that people go with a myth busting topic they don’t fully understand themselves.

Opening up discussions around the place is good to spread the word about Peercoin’s advantages, but you have to know what you are talking about to some extent to be effective.

Hope we get a few people willing to dive in the deep and maybe we can top-up your fund a bit when good discussions are happening. It is worth a try.

Do you think we should wait until the last interview with Sunny before we finalize the myth thread? If Ben and Sunny are available, it’s possible it may be held on Saturday. I’d need to ask them if they can do it. Nothing at stake is most likely going to be discussed. I know we got an answer from Jordan, but it would be great to hear Sunny’s thoughts on it as well.

Good point. I updated the rules. Smart-ass comments don’t participate in lottery.

Again very good point. I updated the rules; better people just share the link to the myth.

Let’s postpone the opening. It would be great if Sunny, Ben, sigmike, kac- and all the rest that I’ve forgotten here, approved of what I’ve posted in the myth thread. After all, if this works then the myth thread will be spread all over the internet. Maybe it goes viral and people from news magazines reads it. It better be accurate and something that the whole Peercoin community can stand behind.

This is not an ego-tripp, I’m open to constructive criticism that add value to the myth thread.