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Yes… that would be nice. But I think that sum is including change outputs.

The PoS reward is based upon the coin-age of the coins being minted, and so if fewer people are minting the inflation rate would be lower. The reward is given like this:

 int64 GetProofOfStakeReward(int64 nCoinAge)
    static int64 nRewardCoinYear = CENT;  // creation amount per coin-year
    int64 nSubsidy = nCoinAge * 33 / (365 * 33 + 8) * nRewardCoinYear;
    return nSubsidy;

I don’t understand the point of * 33 / (365 * 33 + 8) and why it isn’t simply something like nCoinAge / 365 * nRewardCoinYear but maybe someone can enlighten me.

Edit: * 33 / (365 * 33 + 8) is used to get a precise Gregorian year.

That is why – I saw another fee of 9ppc in the 24hr block stat section later and wondered…

OK the above calculation may be too naiive, but can an effective inflation be had based on examining
block history?

It’s hard to estimate future inflation as the rewards and transaction fees will fluctuate over time. However a figure representing annualised inflation can be obtained. For instance, to acquire an annualised inflation over the last 7 days you can do something like:

A = Coins now
B = Coins 7 days ago
C = Coins minted in last 7 days
Inflation = (((C+B)/B) ^ 52.178 - 1 + (A-C-B)*52.178/B)*100

That would calculate the annualised inflation over the last 7 days from minting using compounding (because PoS minting is proportional to the number of coins) and all other inflation from PoW and fees linearly.


@willy, I added your block explorer list website to the Reddit sidebar and in the main sticky thread here.

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Charts are yet to come, I need to collect the data to present.

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You may also now follow the Twitter bot posting the data every 24 hours:

Retweeted on the main account.

A chart for the 7 day annualized inflation rate is now live:

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A chart for the Year to date (YTD) inflation rate is now live:

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Added a MA 30 chart for the 7D inflation rate.

Seems to make inflation prediction much easier.

Hey people,

is now live.

It will show you the current status of the v0.6 soft fork.

Thanks @hrobeers for the forkwatch python script.



This probably deserves its own thread.

Sure, we could use a thread like “soft fork discussion.”

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I’ve noticed people linking to

in the chat. It looks pretty nice, but I can’t seem to find an announcement anywhere.


We generally like to keep it low volume :wink: