- List of block explorers

Hello people,

I’ve set a a small site here >>> <<<.

It’s supposed to be a list of available block explorers.
Did I miss any cool explorers? Please let me know.

I also setup an ABE explorer as a back up on

You may now add the server as a trusted server to your Peercoin Android App.URL:

Additional sites:
Peercoin’s current mempool:
Peercoin’s current inflation:
Peercoin v0.6 soft fork watch:
Twitter Bot for inflation:

Donations will be appreciated with a short personalized love letter on request: PA3VZmupxdsX5TuS1PyXZPsbbhZGT2htPz


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Chainz is really good
Top of google search for “peercoin block explorer”

that’s the linked at the cryptoid logo :wink:

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Sorry i misunderstood, looks good!

I have sent @MAL a message in chat asking him to include this link in our website navigation, as well as to add another dropdown menu called Resources. We’ll keep it like this until we are able to do a redesign and make a proper Block Explorer page on the site. Thanks for your help @willy!

It’s been added as “Block Explorers” under a new Resources header on Thanks for putting that site together.

Thank you.

is live now. Made small design changes to make it distinguishable from @MatthewLM’s
And thank’s @MatthewLM for the great support.

Edit: Encountered an error with the API, down again.
Sorry, but after this we can use it as secondary trusted server for the android app.

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I’ve created a little site for Peercoin’s mempool. Check it out:

In other news:
You may now add the server as a trusted server to your Peercoin Android App.


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Coinpayments doesn’t seem to be up to date?

Will add bitinfo.

Chryptoid is already listed.

@Willy, could you add and to Francesco on Telegram/Peercoin Chat brought them up in general chat.


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Thank’s. I will add them tomorrow night.

I modified the design of my explorer to match the updated branding of Peercoin:


When I view the website from my iPhone it seems broken. Does this happen to anyone else? Here is an image…

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Also, I think the lighter background where the text is written would look much nicer if it was using the same color code as what the forum and chat use, which is #f6f6f6

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I changed the colour to #f6f6f6 and I also made it work a bit more nicely on mobile, though it’s not completely optimised for mobile.

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Nice, I can confirm it no longer scrolls off the screen.

I’m planning to create a /inflation site showing peercoins YTD inflation rate.

That page would list:
-Coins minted
-Coins mined
-Coins destroyed by transaction fees
-comparison of total existing PPC now and YTD
-amount of USD needed per day/month/ytd to flow into the market to keep the current USD price

Anything else?
@mhps you’ve always been a safe bet for statistics, pinging you for that reason :wink:

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Uhhh, already has some. or the last 24hr

Blocks Found	135 (PoS:131 / PoW:4)
PPC Minted	408.88 PPC
Minutes Between Blocks	10.67
Transactions	875
Total Fees	-226.61994883 PPC
Total Transaction Output	3,902,197.265872 PPC
Coin Days Destroyed	44,198,798.6314618 => 11.32780417 Days/Coin

4 million coins transacted. The minted amount were not much more than destroyyed in tx fee!

For stats thst one cannot find anywhere yet, how about an effectivr inflation rate if you mint?

If not all coins are minting, those do mint will get more than 1% per year. Since the money supply is increasing by 1% a year due to minting, those who mint will feel that the inflation due to minting is lower.

For example there are 12% coins minting. Every full-time minter gets 8% reward from minting effectively. Consider the 1% moneysupply inflation and POW inflatioin and tx fee deflation rate , the net inflation for full-time minters can be very low or even negative.

A realtime minting rate followed by effective minter’s inflation is a great way to motivate minting.

I was hoping to do something similar if only I had the time, which I don’t at te moment. It would be nice to have some statistics. In particular I was thinking about some charts such as:

  • Annualised inflation rate over the last 7 days or so.
  • Total coin supply
  • Estimated transaction volume
  • PoW reward
  • PoW difficulty and PoS difficulty.