Peercoin Wiki Status Update (Feb. 10)

Just a heads up on the status of the Peercoin Wiki.

After a bunch of self-created delays, I’ve been able to move things along. The domains, (primary), (forwards > .org), (forwards > .org), are all pointed at a MediaWiki installation that I’m in the process of getting styled to look like they are part of the Peercoin service ecosystem.

For the short-term, I’ve left the domains pointing at a MediaTemple holding page, but if you visit, you’ll be able to see the base installation. I expect to have limited styles and a registration confirmation system in place later this evening, but until that happens, you’re welcome to set up an account with a username that suits you.

I’d like to start to get a sense of who is willing to help contribute content, be it simple information to get things started, or more in-depth content to flesh it out. I’d love to be able to say I could do it all by my lonesome, but I’d be lying :slight_smile: I had planned on porting over all of the information (with a bit of re-write when applicable) from the Peercoin Github repository’s wiki, but we’ve also accumulated a lot of content in different places (here, /r/peercoin, Devtome) that should be considered as well.

Also, this is my first time managing a MediaWiki installation, so while I’ve done my research to learn the fundamentals, if anyone has suggestions about how to harden the application to known attacks, or tips on how to best manage a user community, I’m all ears!


Great news! I put this on Facebook and Reddit.

The link will be changed shortly, so if you want to hold off a few for a promotional blitz, please, I would appreciate it :slight_smile: Let’s get a little more content up there before we unleash the world.

If the cat’s already out of the bag, that’s fine, I’ll just have to see if i can take some time this afternoon to make a couple of changes on the fly.

awesome news, cant wait to see it!

[quote=“Ben, post:3, topic:1955”]The link will be changed shortly, so if you want to hold off a few for a promotional blitz, please, I would appreciate it :slight_smile: Let’s get a little more content up there before we unleash the world.

If the cat’s already out of the bag, that’s fine, I’ll just have to see if i can take some time this afternoon to make a couple of changes on the fly.[/quote]

Sorry, yeah I already posted them. It was basically to direct people to this thread to let you know if they’ll be able to help. I can do more posts once you’re ready to put up content.


[ul][li]I’ve finished the first pass at hardening the installation. All user accounts now need to be requested, and a bio needs to be written (I figure if someone wants an account to edit the Peercoin wiki, it’s only logical that they enjoy writing, so a 50-word bio should not be a barrier to getting people registered). If it turns out you’re hearing that it is, please let me know.
[li]Temporary Peercoin logo in place, but the styles aren’t at all in their final form.[/li]
[li]Peercoin favicon added[/li][/ul]

So far, I’ve got FuzzyBear signed up as a writer, so if you plan on contributing please take a moment to request an account so I can confirm that it’s working correctly. If you wouldn’t mind sending me a PM after you do, that way I can confirm that I’m seeing that it came through to the wiki. Thanks!

Also, does anyone have the desire to write a small MediaWiki extension similar to the BitcoinPayment extension, but for Peercoin? I’m actually thinking that rather than using it to approve user signups, that it would be great if it could be a donation bot, both for the site, and, eventually, to be used for people to “tip” for new content and edits (ala /u/AltCoinTip).

I can start a separate topic to discuss it, but I think that could be a great way to bring people into the community and to reward them for contributing.

I’d like to help by writing content, doing graphic design and layout design…how can I get started?

Awesome, welcome to the (unofficial) wiki team :slight_smile:

Have you requested an account yet? Once you do, I’ll get you confirmed and move things along. We’ve got a bunch of content we can start to transcribe from the Peercoin Github page, in addition to starting to go through the forums here to grab some of the deeper details of Proof of stake calculations and expectations.

Here’s the list of “Day 1” topics that I’d like to get filled out. I’m planning on spending some time tonight and tomorrow stubbing out the pages for these, so once people have set up accounts, please feel free to start fleshing out or updating content that you are comfortable writing.

[ul][li]Introduction to Peercoin[/li]
[li]Peercoin Basics[/li]
[list][li]Getting Started[/li]
[li]Types of wallets[/li]
[li]Peercoin client[/li]
[li]Paper wallet[/li][/list]

[li]Setting up a Peercoin wallet[/li]

[li]Securing your wallet[/li]
[li]Backing up your wallet[/li]
[li]Peercoin Myths[/li][/ul]

Hello, I would like to help.
What can I do?

  • Setting up a Peercoin wallet on Linux

  • Securing your wallet & Backing up your wallet

I also plan to write extensive guide for minting on RaspberryPi.

Please give me some directions, right not wiki is down so … what to do?

Welcome, Peerchemist. If you head to you can register an account and I’ll get it approved. If you want to start putting your ideas down, you are welcome to use this topic. I’m struggling to find time right now that I can devote to things, but I’ll see if I can’t get a bit more in place tonight to give people a framework to start from.

Hi guys! I have research cryptocoins lately and I am really impressed about Peercoin.

I have my own internetsite which is in Finnish language. I like to write (I am not so good with computer related stuff) so if you need help to translate text to Finnish(yes, there are 5,3 million of us) please tell me! I can write about Peercoin to my own internetsite, and of course I can translate exemp. wikipedia text to Finnish.

Wonderful, Rillipaa00! I’ve done a small amount of research (but need to do a lot more) into setting up a localization extension for MediaWiki, just to help with this. I’d like to start with the ability to translate pages from “day 1”, rather than to try to build it on top of an existing english language site in the future.

When you get a chance, please register an account with the wiki and I’ll get it approved ASAP.


[ul][li]All of the pending requests for accounts have been approved. [/li][/ul]

Next Steps:

[ul][li]The MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle is in the process of being installed right now, and should be usable in the near future.[/li]
[li]Page stubs for initial content will be included. This should only be used as a recommendation, so if you have content that you would like to write, please feel free to add it, or post it here for comment by the community (if you are unsure).[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle installed. Please let me know if you run into any issues configuring your personal localization options.[/li]
[li]Page stubs added for a variety of introductory content.[/li][/ul]

is this in github?? slight css styling issue on the logo


OK, lets see what happening :slight_smile:

[quote=“FuzzyBear, post:15, topic:1955”]is this in github?? slight css styling issue on the logo


It is in Github, in a private repo right now, but I’ll push the latest from the live environment to the :master branch and make sure it’s sanitized. Once that’s done I’ll set the repo permissions to “public” and post the link.

I haven’t touched styles yet, but that icon clipping issue was one of the first things I had in the plans to update – if you have time to fix it though, by all means, go for it :slight_smile:

Is there anyway we can use colors similar to our Reddit page?

Absolutely. To date skinning hasn’t been a priority (well, it has been, but it’s in the “second tier” of top priorities!), but now that I have a stable infrastructure in place, I can work on improving the page templates and usability of creating/editing content.

Hi Ben! I have not got any registered-message from you to Wikipedia-site. Can I write there what I want or do you have some kind idea what should I write in Finnish.

Of course I can translate all the text to Finnish what there are already in Peercoinwiki-site. :o