Peercoin Wiki Coordination?

I know that this was an item that someone had agreed to take on, before I got involved with the community, but from what I can tell, there hasn’t been any movement on it.

If it’s just sitting out there, I can commit to getting it set up and running, and then start to populate it with information, if that so pleases the rest of the community :slight_smile:

What I’d need to know is if there is any foundation already in place (MediaWiki, or another framework), and if not, where we’d like the wiki to be hosted. I don’t mind setting up a separate domain, like, that we can then link to, or, if we’d rather have it hosted under, I can do it there too, I’ll just need Super’s consent and admin access on the box so I can set up the services and tie it to a git repo.

I’m motivated to do this because of the tutorial that I posted last night. Doing something like that is OK on the forums, but if I could have written it as a single (or series) of wiki pages, it would be easier to keep it up to date and to manage the flow of questions/recommendations that come in.

Please let me know if you’d like me to proceed.

You’ve clearly shown you have the best interests of the community in mind, so I’m all for you heading this up!

I’d recommend, but we could also have an easier to remember link like

It would also have to be setup like Bitcoin’s wiki and as detailed: We could possibly copy over a lot of the information that is the same and then edit or make new pages for different information.

That’s a good place to start (using Bitcoin’s wiki structure and improving upon it). I’ll grab right now, just so we have it to point to the final wiki location.

Thanks, Sentinelrv.

Maybe .com would be better. JustaBitofTime has, which should also be incorporated into the main site at some point.

Purchased: was just moved to its own server today. I’d like to get a wiki up, I just want some wiki software thats actually good.

wiki is up at