Peercoin vs Paycoin/HashStaker

I just got into mining peercoin but I been an advid gaw users.
So this is a question for the peercoin pros.

Josh Garza of GAWMINERS just posted this on his twitter. It explains their new hashlet, which is a online wallet apparently.

Isn’t this basically the same thing as peercoin. It’s using POS. You can mint/stake your coins for more later.

The only reason I’m asking is because he/they are making the claim that their the first to do it.
And I feel like peercoin was first.

Peercoin was the first Proof of Stake coin to be released, and is over two years old. The reward for minting is 1% per year.

PayCoin is something completely different. They claim on their website that they have “Proof of Reserve” backing of USD. This introduces a central point of failure that Peercoin does not have.

The paper you linked to has this quote: “At our planned investment amount, your HashStakers will consistently reach ROI in 2.5­ to 4.5 months!” This can only mean severe inflation. Where does the money come from? You. I’m not going to outright say that this is a scam, but it certainly doesn’t look like a good idea to me.

At any rate, it’s much different than Peercoin.