Peercoin vs Blackcoin which recently has pushed hard on the development of a Nubit trading platform, is apparently the developer of Blackcoin, which they hail as a dramatic evolution.

I was wondering: what does BLK have over PPC, if any?

Since the launch of Blackcoin, we have seen a dramatic evolution in the cryptocurrency ecosystem—almost every coin since the launch of Blackcoin has been proof-of-stake.

The Blackcoin protocol allows for rapid transactions with practically insignificant energy use compared to that of the previous cryptocurrencies. The specifications make Blackcoin a highly versatile cryptocurrency. Blackcoin features 10 second transaction intervals and as it reaches greater distribution secure confirmation can happen as quickly or quicker than a credit card.

Yet despite the massive influx of proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies, Blackcoin developers appear to be the only ones who have actually worked on the proof-of-stake protocol. The developers of Blackcoin have made fundamental changes to the protocol in an effort to keep it secure and stable, and their commitment to improving proof-of-stake continues as they work towards a solution for another major hurdle: decentralized checkpointing.

Blackhole Economics
Our project originally started as a Blackcoin-centric exchange where every pairing would be against Blackcoin. We have since decided to expand our services to include Bitcoin exchanges, too. With help from the community we seek to create a positive feedback loop that puts constant buying pressure on a limited supply of coins.

We believe the increased volume and profit from the exchanges will provide more benefits to the Blackcoin community in the long run. We have already designed trading bots to liquidate our profits from other currencies and convert them to Blackcoin, the currency we hold our capital and profit in. By doing this we will be creating a positive feedback loop on the value of Blackcoin. The supply of Blackcoin (≈74,500,000) is limited to growth of approximately 1% per year, and the increased buying pressure from Excoin, along with the the incredibly successful BlackcoinMiningPool, will raise the value of Blackcoin as long as our exchange continues to operate.

Our profit from Blackcoin will be used to pay developers, artists, translators, and other staff for development of our in-progress Blackcoin projects.

The exchange has changed from blackcoin centric to innovative cion oriented. Now it has PPC, DRK, NSR and NBT. Markets have expanded from BLK to BTC then NBT (as of yesterday).