Peercoin Very buggy Losing traffic before you even get it

Peercoin Wallet will Not sync also Login not working for Chat

I have downloaded Peercoin wallet installed it and it will not sync. Also i have made account to try and enter chat and it also is not letting me log in i can log into the website but not the chat …with the wallet not working and not being able to log into the chat to help troubleshoot how is this coin even showing value in coinwarz as a best profit …if you want to grow the coin value first you must fix these issues because your losing more traffic then you are gaining .

thank you for stopping by, could you please paste your debug.log file somewhere for us to have a look?

login/passwd are not the same for chat and forum

There is no debug.log in the peercoin folder i turn on peercoin it goes from 130 weeks behind down to 3hours behind then at times will go from 3 to 2 hrs behind then just sits idle left it on all night and still stuck at 3 hours and no sync to wallet

the debug log is in the datadir, %APPDATA%\Peercoin or ~/.peercoin

Just found it the command i found in the forums was not pulling it up but the command you just used did debug.log (439.2 KB)

guess i will just uninstall and reinstall and if that don’t sync then i will just move on to the next coin thanks for your time .

have uploaded the debug.log i see in the forums this problem was found back in 2014 is there a reason 3 years later it still is having the same bug even with new version ?

I’m not a developer, but just in case you’re not aware, the current development team was not around 3 years ago, which would probably explain why it went unnoticed. If there is an issue though, then I’m sure the team will fix it. Thanks for providing the debug log.

I have now made the .conf file and deleted all the others restarted program and letting it try to sync again atm it is saying 3 hrs behind will let it keep trying .

How many connections do you have? You’ll see this information in the lower right corner if you mouse over the signal bars.

shows 9 active connections

Hi cooter, there are indeed issues that have been reported back in 2014 that apparently never got fixed. Some of them are scheduled to be fixed in 0.6.2, see here:

Please provide a link to the old forum thread that discusses your bug so we can make sure it’ll be fixed too.
Unfortunately I just picked up the development where it was left a few months ago, and I only joined this community late 2015.

So maybe you better leave, but it might also be a chance to get involved in an undervalued blockchain.

I am still trying to sync my wallet it looks like it is still going up but just slow will give it another day and see not giving up that easy sitting at 3hrs behind and 9 active connections

Cooter do you know which thread that was that discussed this?

think peer unity was one of them i seen it a couple of places by doing seach in google i put peercoin wallet not sync and hand full of them poped up

has anyone over look the debug to see what the problem could be my wallet still has not sync and would like to try mining some of these coins if possible

is there anyway to make my wallet sync faster or was anything found in debug causing my issue would like to mien some of the coins if possible