Peercoin value - I dont get it

A guide like this would be best hosted on our documentation website that Kazzkiq setup. We have yet to make it to the point of setting this up and writing content due to the recent focus on the v0.6 release. Now may be a good time to get this setup so people can contribute.


The inside value is not so clear for the peercoin, you know guys, that the platform was banned in China for coins’ market trade, So the BTC38 got a new website: www., but after several weeks, the peercoin was stopped for trade in the new website. I ask the reason, the reply is the peercoin had so little trade, the new platform believe this is a waste of resource of platform,so i was also confused…

Zangy, these are questions people asked about Bitcoin too.

Why is bitcoin’s value so ridiculously low? Only $75/coin (this was July 2013 which is only a little over 4 years ago)

At that time people could have said:

I’m really at a loss why [Bitcoin] just doesnt seem to be in demand despite everything positive going for it (active, proficient dev team, stable long term coin, recent upgrade

Those that hold long term deserve the extreme riches they get, because they weather the time.

Those that want extreme riches “in a week” or “in a month”, don’t deserve it, so don’t expect that…

Peercoin is quite healthy and will continue to be healthy. Just enjoy the ride, you’ll get there.

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Your points were valid back in July 2013, but we are in Nov 2017 where crypto’s has effectively exploded and left Peercoin for dust (not withstanding the huge gains today).

I’m just looking for a bit more depth of analysis rather than just the superficial (albeit positive) shallow outlook

left Peercoin for dust… you have such a way with words.

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I try :slight_smile:

I believe in PPC wholeheartedly… I have exchanged quite a few BTC for PPC and hold a fairly substantial amount of PPC and I intend to hold it long term…

I’m pleased to see some promotional activity kicking off as well, lets hope it gives PPC the much needed boost it so thoroughly deserves


low price equal to health coin? no ico team or illegal team uses it equal to ppc advantage? if all you guys close your doors and mask your ears in your own world, ppc will die definitely,as i known, a good project,must have good team, good VC, lots users and good application, ppc only has a good dev. team. lets cheer for first pos coin and ignore the fast carry iterative network.

What ppc needs is user community. People need to use it in their day to day lives for the coin to ultimately succeed.

If a service like bitpay existed for peercoin i think it would go a long way towards mass adoption.

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Marketing. How did you discover PPC?

$300b+ in digital currencies yet $80m in PPC. The bulk of the $ is in BTC and ETH, both of which are fundamentally not as sound as PPC.

Most of the people who hold BTC or other coins don’t even understand the block chain or know what a fork is, even why it’s called a fork.

When digital currencies become much more well understood by the general public (I myself included), then PPC will naturally stand out - either through research or by marketing.

$5 on Wex. Clearly I spoke too soon… well done Peercoin team

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Honestly 5$ is just an arbitrary number, compared to the rest of the crypto market it’s clearly undervalued.

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True but it shows that the market is reacting in the right direction.

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Seems that people is realizing the potential of PPC. #USD10Today


You are right. The price is not all, but it can reflect the belief of users

An important point to remember is that most people who buy bitcoin, litecoin and Ether don’t actually want those coins - they want dollars, pounds, euros, etc.

It is the same with peercoin, but not to the same extent. There is a greater proportion of people interested in PPC/XPC itself, rather than in converting to dollars as soon as the price jumps up. This is a good culture for development, but also frustrating in terms of competition.

But the careful development of PPC/XPC should pay dividends in the medium to long-term when the problems of PoW become apparent (fingers crossed).


Well said!

If don’t compare and exchange with fiat money, there is no PPC payment channel and application related with PPC, then what’s the use? Just for development? then please make the PPC price to 0, or just announce: All PPCoin just for development purpose,the money all you would pay for the PPcoin is just for donation of the great PPCoin innovation, It doesn’t mean any value compared with fiat money.

Read this. The Peercoin blockchain is a base layer settlement network designed to store your wealth where it can’t be interefered with by outside forces. Secondary layers that can interact with the base layer will be developed on top that focus on improving functionality and payments with Peercoin. PeerAssets is just the first example of such a layer.

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First of all, I didn’t say what you quoted me, plz don’t put words in my mouth. I just confirmed what @RobertLloyd said.

Secondly, this does not imply peercoin has no use case. What it mean is that peercoin is one of those last coins where people are still working on a long term solution to blockchain, keeping true to it’s initial values, rather than just pump’n’dump.

That’s not how any of this works.