Peercoin v0.8 testing


Peercoin v0.8

We have recently completed our rebase to bitcoin 0.16.3 and release-0.8 branch reached its fourth release candidate.

Peercoin needs your help testing new release. Please update your testnet nodes, run them with debug=1 in config and report all issues that you notice that are not known at github.

Please note that for time being testnet directory is called ~/.peercoin/testnet3, this way you can run current testnet and 0.8 without trashing each others data directory.

Post addresses for testnet coins giveaway if our faucet is not working for you.


I see a lot of bitcoin as text in UI. I am busy syncing atm…


true, translations need to be patched as well


On Windows when I click the buttons in multisig tab (paste, select address), it close the app. (64 bit)

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Thanks everyone for testing!

Next release based of the 0.8 branch (RC5) will fork the testnet to the new protocol.

New protocol rules encompass the following RFCs:

And activation of the “Segwit” protocol extension (BIP141).

We are some 30 working days away from this.

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can you please open an issue at github with this problem so it doesn’t get lost?

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When peerassets will be integrated in peercoin wallet? (as optional)


Never. It was never imagined it should be in the “official” wallet.


@Vitalicus can you try again in the right repo this time? :smile:


I see on github is closed, but the problem that crash app still exist. Just downloaded and tested.


I will wait “unofficial” wallet, with integrated peerassets :slight_smile:


you’ve opened it in wrong repository, please open it in peercoin and not rfc


0.8~RC7 has been released.


  • PoW block signature requirement is removed (RFC 0006)
  • Segwit protocol extension is activated

Please update your nodes, testnet will hard fork very soon.
There is a new testnet faucet at if you need them coins.

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please update to rc9, it is now possible to mint segwit utxos.

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we have released rc10, which polishes on qt ui and adds peercoin specific output to rpc commands.


Cryptoid is now running v0.8 on the testnet: