Peercoin v0.8 testing

Peercoin v0.8

We have recently completed our rebase to bitcoin 0.16.3 and release-0.8 branch reached its fourth release candidate.

Peercoin needs your help testing new release. Please update your testnet nodes, run them with debug=1 in config and report all issues that you notice that are not known at github.

Please note that for time being testnet directory is called ~/.peercoin/testnet3, this way you can run current testnet and 0.8 without trashing each others data directory.

Post addresses for testnet coins giveaway if our faucet is not working for you.


I see a lot of bitcoin as text in UI. I am busy syncing atm…

true, translations need to be patched as well

On Windows when I click the buttons in multisig tab (paste, select address), it close the app. (64 bit)

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Thanks everyone for testing!

Next release based of the 0.8 branch (RC5) will fork the testnet to the new protocol.

New protocol rules encompass the following RFCs:

And activation of the “Segwit” protocol extension (BIP141).

We are some 30 working days away from this.

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can you please open an issue at github with this problem so it doesn’t get lost?

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When peerassets will be integrated in peercoin wallet? (as optional)

Never. It was never imagined it should be in the “official” wallet.

@Vitalicus can you try again in the right repo this time? :smile:

I will wait “unofficial” wallet, with integrated peerassets :slight_smile:

you’ve opened it in wrong repository, please open it in peercoin and not rfc

0.8~RC7 has been released.


  • PoW block signature requirement is removed (RFC 0006)
  • Segwit protocol extension is activated

Please update your nodes, testnet will hard fork very soon.
There is a new testnet faucet at if you need them coins.

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please update to rc9, it is now possible to mint segwit utxos.

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we have released rc10, which polishes on qt ui and adds peercoin specific output to rpc commands.


Cryptoid is now running v0.8 on the testnet:


rc11 released!


  • fork set for 1st of October 2019
  • disable pruning
  • some other minor fixes

Multisig completly removed, or we will see it on next releases?

Completely removed to focus on the more important matters. I’m not sure will it ever get back.

rc12 released!


  • send correct nFlags in cmpctblock header
  • not enforcing low_s signatures
  • PoSTemperature is now ip based*
  • remove spent transactions from minting view