Peercoin v0.7 testing

RC6 binaries have been uploaded today:

Please upgrade your testing nodes.

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Are we going back to this chain on testnet: ?

we have reforked 0.7 testnet from older 0.6 nodes at block 382019:

old nodes:

and new nodes rc6 onwards have block hash 3ab75769d7957d9bf0857b5019d0a0e41044fa9ecf30b2f9c32aa457b0864ce5, main testnet explorer is still synchronizing, so i can’t give a link to the block yet.


Do you have some IPs for nodes on the rc6 fork?

There is one on this forum server.


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I wish i could reindex Iquidus explorer mongodb from block X instead of block 0

update: testing a hack to updatefrom blockno

[snipped code - not working yet]
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Some nodes on the new testnet fork:


v0.7 has been tagged:

Binaries and official announcement will happen sometime in the next 18h.