Peercoin v0.7 testing

to help people who can’t get past this error, please delete your blocks/blk*.dat files and restart peercoind with these options:

./peercoind -testnet -daemon

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I don’t think forking during a major holiday is smart. I think we should postpone this fork until 10th of January 2019.

Edit: This will also give the people running the nodes sufficient time to upgrade.


Ask everyone, how can I download a PEERCOIN wallet from IPAD above, I can’t download it on the website, thank you

Giving more time for nodes to upgrade before the hard fork is always good and personally I see no need to rush protocol V07 activation, especially considering our history of v06 fork watch.

To be on the safe side I would rather implement signaling via block versions and activate when we get to 75% or it would be strongly advised to have such a hard fork date at least 2 months off, around 21st of January.

p.s. Maybe there’s a project that would benefit from lower fees during this holiday season that we don’t know about? That would explain the rush to release it.



Minting sync threshold was set too high, so nodes running 0.7-testing rc2 will seldom mint!


Gitian binaries are available for those not willing to build themselves but wanting to help testnet.

Please share the addresses where to send testcoins to.

Thanks to @nohea, we have a testnet pool setup to find pow blocks, if you have spare asics that you can spare to get some pow blocks into the new 0.7 chain, go for it:

username: testnet address
password: whatever


congrats, first PoW block on new fork has been found, meet block 373701

we have released rc5 of version 0.7, which will hopefully become final soon.

v0.7 changes are planned to become active on 12th of march.

please download and test:


I’ve uploaded .deb packages for Rasbian and Ubuntu 18.04.

Splash screens should be updated to the copyright year 2019 before releasing Peercoin v0.7.0. Maybe a task for @Buckkets ?

He is on the task already.

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Sorry, I don’t get Github notifications. My apologies for the delay. PR’d and merged

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RC6 binaries have been uploaded today:

Please upgrade your testing nodes.

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Are we going back to this chain on testnet: ?

we have reforked 0.7 testnet from older 0.6 nodes at block 382019:

old nodes:

and new nodes rc6 onwards have block hash 3ab75769d7957d9bf0857b5019d0a0e41044fa9ecf30b2f9c32aa457b0864ce5, main testnet explorer is still synchronizing, so i can’t give a link to the block yet.


Do you have some IPs for nodes on the rc6 fork?

There is one on this forum server.


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I wish i could reindex Iquidus explorer mongodb from block X instead of block 0

update: testing a hack to updatefrom blockno

[snipped code - not working yet]
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Some nodes on the new testnet fork:


v0.7 has been tagged:

Binaries and official announcement will happen sometime in the next 18h.