Peercoin v0.4.2 Release

Peercoin v0.4.2 official builds (windows and linux):

v0.4.2 is now the current stable release for peercoin. This is a maintenance release, users who were impacted by the blockchain fork issue of last month are recommended to upgrade to this release.

Upgrade instructions:

  1. Backup wallet using menu option or rpc command backupwallet. Note down your balance/stake amount.
  2. Shutdown peercoin v0.4.1 RC1 (or v0.4.0)
  3. Uninstall peercoin v0.4.1 RC1 (or v0.4.0)
  4. Setup/unpack peercoin v0.4.2.
  5. Start peercoin v0.4.2
  6. Verify the release version is now ‘v0.4.2ppc-beta’ and your balance/stake amount as correct.

$ openssl dgst -sha256 ppcoin-0.4.2-win32-setup.exe
SHA256(ppcoin-0.4.2-win32-setup.exe)= 8028229f6105578fdc37ce25fe454d9d7c7021f086403049d3d875f43d8e5b22
$ openssl dgst -sha256 ppcoin-0.4.2ppc-linux.tgz
SHA256(ppcoin-0.4.2ppc-linux.tgz)= 4a2c45bcd1abd595fffbc4db1ea439c5bc1bd08943fe4de1ab755ef8d72f5bb3

Great work! :slight_smile:

Does Peerunity need to be updated too?

Hi guys
I think I’m locked somewehere…I updated to 0.42b and I noticed it keeps updating at block 114972 (last block was 518 days ago)
How to unlock this? I left it updating for 12 hours and nothing changed…

One way to solve this is to delete all files in ./ppcoin except wallet.dat and ppcoin.conf and restart.
Peercoin has relatively a small blockchain to synchronise and that should not take long

fixing now…thanks!