Peercoin Translators Unite! Starting a Peercoin Weblate

Hey folks,

while developing and peercoin-flutter I’ve noticed the need for a comprehensive translation solution outside Transifex.
Transifex, unfortunately, is quite expensive and the only item I found on it, was

I’ve set this weblate up so we can translate

on one site.

You can register and start translating any time.

Let’s give this a try, shall we?
Peercoin-flutter has a bunch of strings to translate for a start.
I’ll add and peercoin-qt very soon.




Great news!

I just want to warn people that a lot of text on the website is going to be updated, especially on the home page, so I’m not sure how much work people should put into translating that at this moment. But this should be a good translation solution for after we launch the new updates.

Nice, I could be able to start the Italian one in a few days


I have updated many translations for “peercoin-flutter”
There’s no Italian translation for “”, how can I add it? I guess I don’t have any permission is not in the weblate (yet).
For the time being you can find it here: website localization