Peercoin top 100 richest addresses dips below 60% for first time


This may not seem like good news, but we were above 65% only a month ago. This means that Peercoins are being used and held by more people over time. The coin distribution progression is following the same path that Litecoin took, which is not surprising considering the LTC and PPC coin supply are very similar in number. What is somewhat surprising is that our price is staying relatively stable even though a few large holders are liquidating; it means that there is more interest in the market for Peercoin. :slight_smile:

For reference, Litecoin is at 46.06%, although it is a year older.

I think it is good news. And I suspect those large shareholders only release the number of coins the market can absorb, otherwise they would shoot in their own foot.

So this is actually quiet good as it stabilises the coin and at the same time distributes the coin.
I suspect that the still relative large PoW component also helps to distribute the coin.

Hope we find ourselves where Litecoin sits now before the end of this year.