Peercoin Team Expansion & Full List of Members


Peercoin Team Expansion

We are currently doing well and making great progress with our team at Peercoin. Over the past year we have invited a number of people to join our team: long-time trusted community members as well as new members that have shown a willingness to contribute. This post contains a full list of all current team members and will be updated every time there are new additions to the team. If you are interested in contributing to the team yourself or want to suggest others who may be able to contribute, please contact @Sentinelrv.

Private Channels

The team currently communicates on a number of private channels on both and the forum. New team members will not have access to the foundation channels, as it is only for people who are board members in the Peercoin Foundation. Each channel subject is replicated on both and the forum. An example of this can be seen below.

Chat Private Channels

Forum Private Categories

Why is Privacy Necessary?

You may ask why there is a need to have private channels for discussion. Privacy allows individuals to be more open about their opinions without having to be overly cautious that words might be taken out of context by the general public. Privacy is an integral component of cryptography and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have historically valued their privacy greatly. In addition to these core philosophical principals, private channels allow the team to discuss strategy without fear of being taken advantage of by speculators for a pump and dump of the price. Network maintenance is yet another example where discretion and sensitive public disclosure is important to avoid exploitation for personal gain by opportunists.

Full Team List

The full team currently consists of the following people…

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@mmm joined the team yesterday. You may know him as Peter from Coinpaprika. He is usually found in Peercoin’s Telegram channel.