Peercoin talked about during Sep 9/2016 mumble session again

Once again, a new mumble archive was released September 9, 2016 (EVERY FRIDAY)

Intelliguy was on the radio again, and Fuzzy was also discussing Peercoin among other generic issues like “User Interfaces” and easier documentation to get new users on board for cryptocurrency projects in general.

It was a great show, and glad to hear Peercoin discussed partially again.

But there is lots we could learn from it.

I ran to the parts where intelliguy was speaking, because the Q&A and casual talk

Intelliguy was on Sep 9, 2016 Mumble again…

1 hour, 55 minutes intelliguy talking about bitshares, documentation, and howto videos on how they are more effective

2 hours, 2 minutes Chronos brought up about his Bitshares videos

2 hours, 4 minutes intelliguy compares facebook being grandmother friendly for useability

2 hours, 6 mins intelliguy complains his frustration about peerplays and not being able to download it in 3 clicks

2 hours, 8 mins intelliguy talks about how it takes 45 to 50 minutes to convert SBD into BTS, into a BTS User with funds

2 hours, 9 mins sunny king and peercoin brought up, and proof of stake

2 hours, 11 mins the more experience you have something, developers are the worst ones for creating user documentation
we need market focus groups

2 hours, 13 mins comparing microsoft’s email toolbar for user easeness

2 hours, 14 mins Peercoin brought up again

Have a listen any where you want on the time line, or download the whole episode and listen to it in your car while driving to work. :slight_smile:

Peer4commit was brought up. Intelliguy says he still finds it hard to understand.

If others agree, this mumble session can give us some good ideas on what work lies ahead of us.


BTW, Intelliguy addressed the “Rich get richer” myth the best he could after someone from another coin (who is also a stake coin) said it during our celebration and it wasn’t addressed. oops…

Fun contest: If you find it, reply with the timeline moment he starts talking about it to prove you listened to the show. Ha ha…

Awesome, that was the one thing that bothered me about the last show. Glad it was addressed here.

Awesome, that was the one thing that bothered me about the last show. Glad it was addressed here.[/quote]

Did you hear it?

He basically said, people who spend a lot of money buying up stock in a company, get richer, based on their investment.

This is no different, then someone who buys a “little bit of stock” in a company…

Do the richer get richer with Peercoin? NO. Everyone gets the same 1% stake reward, it is all dependent on how much you have. This has nothing to do with richer getting richer. Everyone gets richer, based on what holdings you have. It’s the same concept in real life too…