Peercoin, Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of Peercoin’s key strengths.

We live in an age where an increasing proportion of the world are concerned and mindful of their carbon footprint. Peercoin’s next growth phase may be centered around the key issue of sustainability, and how it out-competes Bitcoin in this regards.

I would like to open up the discussion on how we can move forward with eco-friendly, energy efficient projects for Peercoin.

Will Peercoin ‘branch out’ and have a net-positive effect on the environment by out-competing legacy systems that demand high-energy?

A few initial ideas we had that may be of some use to get the ball rolling…

I too consider energy efficiency as equally important to the money and social gains of any project. With normal uk grid tied photovoltaiic generation on the roof, I have a suitable setup here to mine on solar and then go to a low energy wallet once that has been done.

The Security Question

Has anyone written up the mining cost and probability of a nefarious counterfeiter sneaking in to corrupt a new peercoin net with his fakecoin counterfeiting operation?  This is, fortunately, just a gerdanken-experiment but please direct me to read the right page.  I am mainly concerned with;
which parameters from setting up a new peercoin net would a counterfeiter need to brute-force before he can get anywhere?
how many bits is the length of each ?
has anyone actually done that and fakecoined a low difficultly test network ?

Looking forward to having a few test things ticking away here.

Your question is about the security of Peercoin network. As with any bitcoin-derived protocurrency, anyone gains 51% hash power (for POW coins) or minting/forging stakes (for POS coins) can in theory control the network. I think one needs about 1.5 million Peercoins, very good knowledge of how Peercoin works, and enough determination to risk the 1.5 millioin PPC’s value to go forward to take over the Peercoin network. That’s not to say this person has to face the dreadful checkpoint…

I found it very interesting. But I have some questions here in the forum. It’s been a time that I’m reading multiple posts and still can not properly understand how it works and what the Peercoin and Bitcoin difference.

Use Peercoin may be beneficial for certain business models? Working with international roaming.

Someone may indicate a tutorial of how to run Peercoin?

I would very much like to read more about your and other peoples thoughts about this.

One thing I think would be cool, is to see businesses that relies on the Peercoin technology and ecosystem. For instance if someone creates an app that helps you save energy or something like that, why not sell this service for peercoins? :slight_smile: