Peercoin Stake Explorer (

Hi all. I just released a dynamic stake calculator/explorer based on bitcoin-abe, and Peercoin stake explorer goes here.

Explore your stake in depth at

It’s an ongoing project, so your advice & help are appreciated.

It is looking good! Lots of data there, very interesting. Will be a very useful tool.

Since you were asking for some feedback, I have these two suggestions:

The table border looks a little thick, is it possible to make it 1px to see if it makes it easier to read?

I picked a random block, and got this one:

When I click Destroyed Coin Days, I get this error:

Sorry, /dcdm/PSAX62hsT9vRDd7Ric3YwxvjshhESQn3gp does not exist on this server.

If that error happens, I do not know what it means. Maybe the error could explain why it does not exist?

How about:

Sorry, the Destroyed Coin Days (Coins Spent) for Wallet address PSAX62hsT9vRDd7Ric3YwxvjshhESQn3gp is missing from our data that we have on file. Our site is unable to provide you with this information.