Peercoin Proof of Stake Minting Setup Guide


Ok tried and get

Data successfully retrieved
Findstake started

and then nothing ???

would love a 1000 coin however I stopped mining when the big boys came along with their big Ghz rigs and have no spare cash to buy more coin.

I thought it was approx 1% per year on any appropriate coin-aged balance???


Yes it is and you will get that, it might just take a while. If findstake is not working for you then you can try to get an idea of how long it will take you to mint a block. It takes a while because the proof of stake difficulty is high at the moment as more people are minting. While it may be a little frustrating it is a good sign for the security of the network.

Another thing you can do is to check the size of the individual outputs of your addresses (on a block explorer or in the coin control section of Peerunity). If you have many tiny outputs it may be worth considering consolidating them into a larger one to increase your chances, but you will lose coin age when you do this.


Sell your mining hardware and buy yourself some coins on BTC-E ;).



I’ve made my laptops to local peershares nodes and I want to explore my local blockchain.Is there any tools for doing it?


What is the status on Cold Wallet Minting? If I’m not mistaken the feature should be in peercoin 0.5 but not sure, and I couldn’t find how to do it. Should I create minting-only keys? If so how? How do I mint on the online PC with those keys? etc.
I quickly went over the command line help in peerunity but nothing I could identify related to this.
I’m guessing it’s not yet supported, but if so what is the roadmap?
Thanks you.


Just some info that might help someone else running ubuntu 16.04 LTS

After encrypting the Peercoin-QT(core protocol) Wallet, the wallet menu do not show on the menu bar or in the window’s title bar so you are unable to access the menu => File Settings Help

Running the following command in a terminal window will bring back the menus;

initctl restart unity-panel-service


Thanks for that, it’s a great help. I have often had that problem.